Amesia Haze flowering almost out of the ground

Is it usual for an auto flower like Amnesia Haze to start flowering within a few days of popping out of the soil. I am vegging AH, blueberry, and northern lights and only Amnesia Haze is doing this. Blueberry looks like it’s stretching. Northern lights looks good. Does this mean the AH will be little?


How old are they all right now @OldSkunk

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About 12 days.

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All three of those plants are 12 days old? Wow. I have never seen an autoflowering flower at 12 days old. My AHA is flowering but she was a month old before she started. I think she is gonna be kinda small.

heck it’s hard to get them big when they flower at a month old! @OldSkunk

The one thats stretching can you move the light down a little or raise her up somehow?

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That’s the thing, they’re all the same distance from the light. The other blueberry is not stretching. I may be wrong about the 12 days. Might be 3 weeks. I’m terrible about writing when they popped out on the calendar. Might be the hot soil they’re in too.

I’m not going to complain about it. I’m just happy they’re growing.

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Autoflowers are on an internal clock. Flowering is in their genetics. And Indicas grow shorter and fatter where as Sativas tend to get taller.

Maybe I should re-phrase my question @OldSkunk what are you using for lights? And what does the manufacturer recommend they be above the canopy? And how far are they from the tops of the plants?

They seem to be stretching. Normally when they do that it is because the light is too far away or not strong enough or there isn’t sufficient light to cover the growing area!

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It could be the lights. I am using 5 x 55 watts of T5 lights. They are about 24 inches away from the plants because I’m also growing supercropped clones and they are getting too tall to get the lights any closer. I’m only a few days away from harvesting the last grow. I plan on moving them into the flowering room when I get it cleaned up so I can put highly reflective film in the veg room. The flowering room has 750 watts of LEDs and the lights have veg/bloom switches on them so the plants should be happier with that.