Amenisa haze and super silver

Hey just after any advise on my girls. I have 3 of ssh and 3 ah plants. They are both 6 weeks in flowering stage the ah seem to have formed really hard dwrlnce nuggs and don’t seem to far of from being finished

Now for the super silver it doesn’t seem to he have formed buds yet iknow the cycle is longer for ssh anyway but I would of thought would of progressed the same as the others…



I’m confused though.

You said the ssh hasn’t grown buds yet, but in all the pictures all of the plants are budding.

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@ktreez420 yes they are but the silvers don’t seem to be as compact and dense as others. Iknow it’d a longer cycle, just thought I would see some better formed buds.

you have a ways to go .My ssh took awhile but it did bulk up … Hammer

Love the strains. Everything is looking good. Just have to have patience. They will fatten up.

Quick update. Ah is on day 10 of flush… and looking great . Still some white hairs around but mainly amber all over! Smelling great also… shud I be concerned about the the late serve of white hairs. They plants look done tho so I’m not sure…

As for the ssh the buds are getting fat. Hoping to see some results next few days…

Pics to follow… Ed


in your last pict it looks like you mite be having some heat stress going on …watch your temps try to get a 10 degree drop from day as to nite …

Picture was taken few days ago tbh. My temp is normally between 22.5-25.0 in day and 20-22-at night. Since its getting winter weather here it’ll be dropping slightly. So going to look for a heater today

@Hammer do you think using hydro based nutes will make a huge impact if using foil which has got nutes in already . I’m running my ah on coco coir with coir based feed. And my ssh bio bizz and 20%perlite

ok you temps are good. and yes it’ll impact your grow as to wich way its hard to say .it would depend on the nutes already in your soil as to the effect .Hammer

Ah haze has been :scissors: nr the biggest yeild but quality buds


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