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Prepare and Amend Your Soil

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After struggling with ffof soil pH dropping off at around 3ish months I began adding dolomite lime to the soil a few weeks before use. I also began adding more perlite.
After a phosphorus disaster on one grow I decided to also add bone meal to the soil before planting.
I was using my straight amended soil, but the younger plants had a tough time the first month or two, so I then started layering it.

Seedlings were planted in soil in solo cups from the previous grow. It’s essentially inert from all the flushing.
Next transplant is into straight ffof soil in 1 gal containers.
The final home is 7 gal fabric pots with 2/3 of my amended soil at the bottom, and straight ffof with a bit of added perlite at the top.
I use earth juice nutes, and so far I’m pretty happy with the results.

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I am on my fourth full indoor grow… been a exciting pack full of unknown challenges.
Last (current grow) Now in last weeks of flowering.
About my soil… I tested my soil with a tester. Like I have for years.
Too my surprise my soil PH was so low… 4.8, even some area test were as low as 4.2. Tested in the early veg cycle… still , having the same issue after adding lots of hydrated lime over 3-4 weeks. The 12 plants looked great … So I was not as concerned…
Now in later flower cycle and were showing yellow leafs and lighter green leafs.

The soil…

Recyled last grow by using 1/3 of the old soil with the old roots from past plants. Then I added 60% FoxFarm Ocean, 20% coco, 5% biochar and some perlite. Try not to disturb the old 1/3 soil at the bottom to keep the microbes alive… rest of the soil I mixed.

Have no idea what is causing my PH so low… FF ocean normally show 6.-3 to 6.8.

We’re starting with all fresh FF Ocean with Pro-mix HP. The bottom will be 100% FF Ocean, The second half of the container will be 50/50 FF Ocean / Promix. We use advance Nutes for now.

Any thoughts on this… were praying the plants don’t get locked up in the final weeks. We have flushed and rinsed. Still PH is low.

Help me understand.

New grower!

That’s one reason the PH is so low: organic material breaking down (acidic).

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That’s what we were thinking. Looks like the plants have enough green energy to finish the flower cycle … it’s a guess at best