AmBiTiOuS NoViCe Grow Journal

Sooo… I dont know where 2 start🤔… But i think its about time to start a grow journal.
Im a complete novice jumping in the deep end.

A little bit of background: I started my new hobbie 27/4 with 2x sour diesel. (And aquired 3 other . strains over the next few months, (Blue cheese, divine kush breath, guava)
: I have 2 Tents @1.2x1.2M.
: Single 315w CMH light in each tent.
: Cuttings/seeds i have done are undrrr cheep led or natural (QLD)
Hopefully pix i have attached will explain what im trying 2 do.

Any input/feedback is appreciated.

This it my OG sour diesel @ back and Blue cheese ( attempted hst) in front.


In my other tent i have 4 divine kush breath

Iv been experimenting Lst and Hst.

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My baby seeds and cuttings

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Im kinda figuring out cloaning…
Any advice would be appreciated. I have a cloaning box, jiff, cloan gel, heat matt

Dome to maintain humidity

Cut at 45° and dip in your gel. I use powder so I can sprinkle in the hole as well. Into the pot and water to activate things. Next bit is crucial, you need to turn your heat mat up and ramp up your humidity. The plants only source of water is going to be through its leaves. They will wilt, some will die and if they look like they’re not going to make it (compared to others that were done at the same time), get them out as the high humidity is a perfect breeding ground for mould. I have a propagator I use and my humidity is always around 80-90%. Forgot to mention to keep them under the light. I use a 250w cfl as seedlings/clones prefer it :sunglasses:

Thanks heaps 4 the advice :+1: iv started implementing it.