Amber waves of GDP

Been growing Granddaddy purple for awhile now. Great weed. Lately I find myself wanting a high for sleep. I know that waiting until the trichomes turn amber, well 50 to 75%.

My question is when will that happen? Hoping that some of you have been there. It is 71 days at present and only about 3 or 4% at the time are amber. I have already started water only and must harvest before too long.

Has anyone grown until high amounts of amber are present? If so please let me know a week number that I can expect amber.

Depends on the strain as no two are alike. I’ve had them go 16 weeks and only be 20 percent

I’ve been truly blessed. My harvests have been such that I have plenty. This allows me to run experiments that I wasn’t able to do at the beginning when all I wanted was a little relief.

I grow White Widow for pain. At about 8 weeks of flower, they are ready for consumption. I make edibles and tinctures as well as cure some for smoke. This year I was able to allow some of my plants to go past the 8 weeks harvest.

All of this was harvested at about 50% amber (about 11 weeks). I made it into tincture and infused some butter and oil for edibles. The tincture is my knockout juice. On nights when the pain is overwhelming, I place a drop or two under my tongue and I’m out like a light.

You can do a partial harvest. Start with what you know is ready (amber just starting to show) and leave the rest to mature.

I don’t flush. I grow organic and don’t see the need for a harvest flush.