Amber pistils but small buds. Harvest Question

First time grower here.

Plant: grand daddy purple [Indica]

Indoor grow

Fluorescent plant lights. 75 F, 40- 45 % humidity

Age: 9 1/2 weeks from seed. Last 10 days under 12 hour on/off lighting to encourage flowering. [previously 24 hour on]

QUESTION: My understanding is that flowering takes weeks, yet my buds look like they have completely amber pistils. They are small too–I would expect them to be much larger before harvesting, correct?

Wondering if any thoughts how much more time I have here before harvest?


Did you go through a heatwave for a week or so where you couldn’t get your heat temps down? That’s what happened to me this summer and i swear my buds finished two weeks early :confused: Also check to make sure she’s not a hermie.

No indoor heatwave. Bought feminized seeds from ILGM

Should have bought auto flower in hindsight. Not sure what to make of this

Don’t think auto vs photo is the problem here.

Can you define what you mean by “Fluorescent plant lights”. My guess is these were substantially under lit.


actually I miss spoke – i meant LED plant lights. Unfortunately I am not sure of the total power. The over head with the long fluorescent looking LED is from my seed grow set up I have used successfully with veg. The other two are LED with focused spectrum. see pic of my rig attached.

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Well, unfortunately (or fortunately?) I think that is your culprit. These plants of ours require a LOT from a lighting perspective to produce the results / yields we are looking for.

They look nice and healthy so you’ve been doing a lot of things right, but I wouldn’t expect much different results until you invest in some solid lighting. Plenty of advice in this forum around lighting / just ask if you want some advice. HLG is kind of the default safe go-to to guarantee good results with LED. If you’re going to stay in that space with 1-2 plant grows the HLG 135 V2 RSPEC will serve you incredibly well.


Welcome to the community ! Couple things overall look of the plants still has a few weeks to finish. Also you’ve done pretty good considering your lighting situation. @CygnusX1 has got you covered with a upgrade on lights when the time comes. Good luck


I just finished a GDP from ILGM that coloring is normal for this strain (at least that’s what I saw with my own)


Would you mind telling me what the timeline was like for you? How many weeks from seed to grow stage and then how many weeks in flower stage before harvesting with 12 on/off lighting [assuming you did that] Thanks!

Thanks-- yes don’t plan to try and grow more than 2 at a time. So do you think my flowers will get bigger? Thanks for lighting rec!

This picture was at 8 weeks of 12/12 I harvested on 6-5-21 @ just over 9wks based on trichs @ about 15% amber on the buds the leaves had more amber %
Planted seed on 1-7-21 changed light @ 12/12 schedule on 3-17-21 so about 9-10 wks veg just over 9wks flower


They will probably fill in some but I would not expect any photo shoots for high times


OK so we both did about same veg state timeline. Did your flower look like mine at 9 weeks from seed? I guess I should keep going with 12/12 and hope for more flower growth?

LOL so that photographer from Disjointed won’t be showing up I guess :wink:


I would absolutely finish them out personally, they may be airy / a little larfy but you’ll still get some decent smoke from them, just not a huge amount.

I’d look to invest in the lighting before your next grow.


I had no flowers at 9 wks from seed that’s when I flipped to 12/12 to start flowering
How many weeks of 12/12 are you at?

Are you sure you didn’t buy autoflowers?

just 10 days. I started getting worried because of the amber pistils, but you think that may be normal for GDP?

Packing receipt said feminized so I don’t think so. I wasn’t really sure what auto flower was back when I bought them tbh.

Just let them keep bulking up and get a jewelers loop (about $10 from amazon) and start watching trichomes when you start seeing amber on the buds it’s time to go water only and harvest when you like (more amber means more sedated feeling very little or no amber more energizing)