Amazon Super Soil Questions


I’m getting ready for my very first grow and I’ve been sciencing every detail pretty hard. I plan on growing 8 Bergmans Gold Leaf plants in 1-3-5 gallon fabric pots with Amazon bought 5lb Natures Living Super Soil at 1:5 ratio with 2 cubic feet Happy Frog and 1.5 cubic feet Oceans Forest (mixed) potting soils. Should equal about 25 gallons so I’ll have to double up on the quantities but my question, is that if this is sound. Basically “AM I DOING THIS RIGHT?!” Should I do anything else to the soil? Is this even an appropriate soil for this strain?


Many “cook” their own soil. @garrigan65 is the only one coming to mind right this minute. With the soils you have, you might want to sort of layer them in the pot, rather than mixing them. I’m not familiar with the Natures Living Super Soil, but I’ve used both Happy Frog and Ocean Forrest, the latter being the hotter of the two. You might put the stuff with the most in it in the bottom of the pot, then the next weaker, then the weakest…that way the seedling gets the weakest stuff. Then as she grows, her roots will reach the next stronger, then the strongest. Just an idea.



Don’t start any thing just yet ok … I have a few things I have to do wrifgt now but shouldn’t take long. I’ll be back here at 7:30 est Don’t know where you are but thay’s when I’ll be back. I don’t want you to do this wrong and I can help you . So please hold tight and I’ll be more than glad to help you out


Running Natures Living Soil this run. I mixed to the living soil directions. 1lb per 5gal. I also ran a supersoil layer at tbe bottom of the pot. 1lb to every 1.5 gal. My two girls are 2 wks. Started in a straight compost mix as seed transplanted 1 wk ago. They are doing great!!


I wouldn’t transplant as much. Probably Solocup to 3 gal bag. @garrigan65 is the soil Guru. Trust his guidance and search his posts.




I’m very sorry that I didn’t make it back online last night.
And I read what you had posted and went to Amazon and checked out the soil that you had purchased.
As a starting point that should be excellent. You did your home work before jumping in and finding out that’s there’s no water in the pool. lol
But I can help you with your final mix for flower and you’ll have plenty of time to get it ready.
What you have now can take you through the veg stage, But you’ll need a special blend for flower.
This is what you’ll want to get and mix with the soil that you have.
This recipe is for a one 5 gal container. Which you have, (Perfect)

Soil Recipe to be mixed with 1 to 1/1/2 cu ft of base soil (Won’t Need)

.3125 lb or 5 oz Fishbone Meal 3-16-0

.3125 lb or 5 oz Steamed Bone Meal 2-14-0

.625 lb or 10 oz Bat Guano 0-7-0

.3125 lb or 5 oz Blood Meal 13-0-0

.3125 lb or 5 oz Feather Meal 12-0-0

.375 lb or 6 oz Colloidal Rock Phosphate 0-3-0

1 tbsp Potassium Sulfate 0-0-53

1 tbsp Souluble Kelp Powder 0-0-17

1 tbsp Mycorrhizal Fungi (300 spores per gram)

3/4 tsp Powdered Humic Acid (90 % pure)

1 1/2 tbsp Epsom Salt

1tbsp Sweet Lime (Dolomite)

1 tbsp Asomite (Trace Elements)

6.25 lbs Worm Castings


My 2 Banner girls are loving the NLS mix. Garrigan is on the money with the flower mix. I ran a 1/3 supersoil layer at the bottom of the 7gal since i transplant at wk 1 and am thinking that should push me through till end of flower if not some top dressing or amending with biobiz liquids? My first living soil grow. I work out of town and need to run a simpler grow so the wifey is not so overwhelmed. Pick is day 10