Amazon reviews offered refund

anybody else that has given reviews on grow products and recieved an email offering a full or partial refund to change a review?

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Am off topic, but the burple light, I called Amazon and gave them my 2 cents on allowing false advertising, they refunded me, and let me keep the light. Note I have been a prime member for 10 years

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I have been a member for a while too. First I reviewed the 3 in 1 moisture meter like 8 dollars. Got offered a full refund OK fine. Today I got a email about my 600 watt hps light because I mentioned the scorched plants issue due to the heat now they are making offers to me for it, not a full refund yet but probably will. @Zee

I typically call them before leaving a bad review, and have got refunded or credit.

The only issue I got is if I change the reviews and then someone else buys it and experience the same problem I might feel bad. Especially if it’s someone on the forum.

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I ordered most of my grow set up from them, from tent to filter. I was asking myself, if this customer service rep knows anything, they know what am doing, so am always nice, just firm and matter of fact.

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@Covertgrower does this sound familiar :sunglasses:

These things never surprise me. Word of mouth carries. (As do reviews)
The HPS is operator error, but has nothing to do with the product.
I typically don’t leave reviews, and I typically don’t read them either. I typically go off of the product description for my decision.
Reviews are mixed, and most people are generally stupid, so I don’t read them.