Amazon links in Posts


@latewood @Dumme

The links don’t seem to be resolving to the nice little boxes they used to? I will post a pic


i noticed this myself…hmmmm


Could be a change on Amazons end. They are going through massive changes with buying whole foods and breaking into the Grocery industry


Gotta get that thanks @bob31


Actually, the stuff past the ‘B’ code isn’t necessary. This part is the ‘B’ code: /B01DZCHTC6/ or /B01AEQ9X9I/

And so they might work better if done like this:

But there could be something else going on as well, as I’ve noticed the same in the Bergman’s lab forum.

@ILGM.Support.Roy might be able to help.



I also noticed this @bob31 but didnt understand why.


Hi guys, I can’t get the neat link going no matter how I try. Will park this for now and hope it’ll resolve itself in a while.

Thanks for spotting it!