Amazon has Mars lights on sale


300 watt full spectrum with veg and bloom stages for 79.95 . Sorry if this is old news just trying to pass it along did a search on for mars hydro led lights and they all seem to be much cheaper then they were 3 weeks ago when I last checked


Sometimes I’ve seen items that I’ve looked at will drop price cause I looked at it. Sometimes I put in cart then save for later most times price will drop. Unless it was a sale lol. What’s the actual wattage on the 300. I have a 600 but only 272


Just did an order there. Another light and tent. Me like sales.


It is a 132 true watt @Jheezy originally 199.00 now 79.95 all of the mars lights are 45 to 60% off what they were three weeks ago @Iva has me looking for supplemental lighting after a couple of posts . You can never have to much light just to little as long as you can control the heat . I hope that is correct


I got to window shopping on Amazon the other day lol. And saw a big Mars light that got me droolin but it was a big boy with big price tag


Yeah I was reading on final stage growth last couple weeks about lowering humidity to thirty percent and dropping heat down to low 80’s That’s not gonna happen for me with no ac. Maybe I’ll luck out and it’ll get cool in October like it used to Not lately last couple years. Got my heat down to max acceptable level so trying not to add too many lights. Plugged in a CFL and forgot how hot they can get. May put some cfls up in late night hours when it’s cooler to pump up ma buds


Ups must hate me lol. Driving all way out here and up funky driveway with a dog trying to eat the tires for a small box. Then repeat a few days later. Finally broke down and spent ten bucks on ratchet light hangers. That will be awesome


@Jheezy I checked their Mars 600 watt true watts 278 full spectrum for 2 lights is 310.00 that is a pretty damn good price on those isn’t it?


Down to 80 ? Hell I start to panic when mine get up to 80 my humidity stays low also around 45% to 65 at the most . How hot does it get before I have to worry? I even have a sonic cool air humidifier to try and boost the humidity… and don’t feel bad about the ups guy’s they are getting tired of all of us . But they get paid well so…


Impatiently waiting for the “ups guy”


I’m avg of 88? Now. Couple weeks ago was 91 scary lol. Have fans but blowing hot air still blowing hot air


Two for $310? That sounds good to me. Mine is 272actual cost $189. Hope sell comes around when I have a little change in my pocket


I wish I was ups guy. Lol Have to wait years loading trucks to get a route.


waiting patiently? Bwahahaha none of us wait patiently for the ups dude every time I order something I’m like a kid on Christmas eve


I watch like a hawk because in my neighborhood they will steal it

… I’m originally a city boy but I’m just back 5 years from 20 acres in the middle of endless state land and nothingness in the woods of New Hampshire

Now that I’m back in the city I’d have to say I prefer the country every time


I hear you there. I was 40 years in the tourist mecca of Clearwater Beach five years in Denver then 3 years in New York 6 years in north Virginia almost in D.C. now 20 miles outside of Charlottesville Virginia on the edge of the Shenandoah Valley and you couldn’t get me outta here with dynamite . Never a city again Eight miles from a gallon of milk kind of sucks but the quiet is invaluable . Plus I’m kinda burned out on people. Wish I could grow outside but we are eat up with deer, raccoons , possums Fox , bobcat and bear and you just can’t keep a bear out of anything . I have a Blue Tick hound , a 110lb. Sheppard and a akita rotti mix so they can keep most things away but I haven’t let them out after the bear because none of them are smart enough not to jump on it.