Amazon: General Hydroponics Flora Series 32 oz. kit



I have this trio of nutrients, and I’ve been following the feeding schedule that you can get from this company. Now I’m about to enter the flowering phase and it still calls for me to use the floramicro which has a bunch of nitrogen in it. Should I cease usage of the micro for the flowering phase?


Not sure what system you have but I use a recirculating system and use the same nutes you use. I used them for the last 6 months and have followed this chart from their site. I use the three main nutes and add the Liquid Koolbloom when called for. I use it up until the flush week. I also add the dry KoolBloom in the ripen week. I run the PPM levels around the middle of the desired range.


You always use Micro. It makes sense that if the company says to use it; It should be included. Micro nutrients are extremely important to optimum nutrition of plants.


Yeah I guess that’s what I get for assuming lol. I was just under the impression that nitrogen can hurt the production of buds in cannabis during the flowering period.


You always need Nitrogen. You just want to deplete it during the finish.

If you want to bring the Nitrogen level down; You delete Grow from the equation.
The GH equation to use would be 0-1-2 parts. 0ml Grow, 5-8ml of MIcro, 10-16ml Bloom per gallon. I recommend you use 8ml Micro, and 16ml Bloom