Amazon: Fiskars plant shears


Fiskars Plant Shears

This is the style of pruning shear I use :slight_smile:


I just bought two of those yesterday for the 4 plants I trimmed today. They have been my standard for years!


You do not have to send away to Amazon for these shears. All the Home Depot stores in TX have them in stock (at least all the ones I have been to. They are $10.95 plus tax and they really do work great ! I have a pair and love them! No shipping and no wait. I always make sure that I clean them before and after each use to keep the plants safe and to make the shears last longer. Isopropyl Alcohol for cleaning works great.


No one said you had to buy them from Amazon. I was just showing members the a particular shears I find to do the best job. i
I have the Hydrofarm shears, and I found the same style shears on ebay for 3 bucks.