Amazon customer service

So usually when Amazon sends me the wrong thing I just return it for a refund. Today I got a ten pack of hard plastic drain saucers I ordered and they were 14" even though they said 12" on the packaging. They’re frickin huge. I was bored so I clicked through the options until I could chat with someone. Long story short they gave me back 90% of the purchase price and I keep the saucers.

I can use these fine at times when I’m growing 3 plants (like now), but I ordered 12" so they’d fit when I’m growing four. The 14" are about $20 more expensive. I guess my point is if you get the wrong thing from Amazon and it’s something you can actually use then take the time to talk to their customer service instead of just returning it. I ended up with 10 14" saucers and 90% of the money to buy the 12" ones I want for $26.


yea amazon is awesome sometimes, i had an issue 1 time, here it is 2 years later and still watching amazon prime along with all the subscription services for free


I will have to vehemently disagree about amazon. Awful company with awful labor practices and as far as im concerned the executives should all be charged with human rights violations.

@Glitch regardless of how you feel about them, 74 BILLION dollars in revenue, I don’t think they’ll be folding any time soon.
I will agree their customer service is usually pretty good, they’ve had a lot of practice to get it right just from the sales alone.

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No they are certainly not going anywhere and i dont want them to. If they folded thats countless jobs lost and millions of working people with out that income. Im just a firm believer that they can do more for the people who actually make them their profit. When you make 33 billion in profit even after youve given your executives millions and millions you can afford to give more to your workforce that produces the labor for your profits. Profit is just unpaid wages to your workforce.
And i will openly admit their customer service will give you just about anything if you make contact with them. Its one thing they do right. But they can certainly do better in most other aspects.
And i think it’s almost half a trillion in revenue. Some mind boggling number