Amazon: Botanicare CalMag+ quart

Is technaflora Magic cal is as good this ?

Fortunately, the Botanicare CalMag+ is at my local Hydro shop, so I have that, along with the other Botanicare Nutrients to use for my setup.

I’ve been told that is a decent CalMag solution. I’m glad y’all seem to agree. :smile:

I assume that they are probably both just as good. Do not kid your self. Nutrient Companies steal recipes, and blends from each other all day long, and then some.

I use Botanicare. If you fell the need to try Magic-Cal; I recommend you do so.

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Agreed and even despite the recent controversy over general hydroponics being taken over by the same company that owns miracle grow, general hydroponics’ CALiMAGic is also good stuff and will probably remain so, and is also a very similar formula.


Ironically; GH was/is? the nutrient line used by NASA, in space…FYI

Death to Monsanto, and Miracle Grow. What a shame. However; It is a chem nutrient. Kind of fitting.

Remember. The Man that invented “Organic growing”, said; “The plant cannot tell the difference between, Nitrogen form A compost, or from a bag of chemical fertilizer”. In my book, that means go with what you know. it will all turn out alright! :slight_smile:

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I agree. I believe chemistry is chemistry. At the base level, nitrogen is just nitrogen; however, as you mention, I’m sure nutrient companies have their own R&D team that looks at all of the competing products.

Since this is my first grow, I dcan’t really say I use anything yet; however, I have the Botanicare line-up in place for when the plants are ready for the nutrients, including the CalMag and the Liquid Karma. Those were the ones suggested by my local hydro store, and they’ve been very helpful. They also recommended the Heavy 16; however, the startup cost for that line was a bit outside of my budget.

I do have the GH PH Down solution.

This thread has a lot of helpful information in it.

Death to Monsanto , that dude is notorious !!!

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I started with AN 3-part, and switched to Gh, because it was a bit less expensive, and they invented it. I have always used CalMag, and Liquid Karma, and wrote a recipe for all these together.

Pure blend Pro is great when your soil grow needs nutrients. I start all my veggie seedlings on Liquid Karma, or, PBP, immediately after sprout.

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@latewood, is there a link for your recipe for the mix with the nutes with the CalMag+ and the Liquid Karma? I’d love to see it.

I have read over the Botanicare info, and they do acknowledge that using a combo should result in backing off on their main nute 20% - 40%.

Thx :smile:

On an added note, I’ve noticed that some of the info on the ILGM pages mention that you should start some boosters right away, and the Liquid Karma, does mention that it should be used as soon as you see sprouts. They do not suggest using their Veg mix until week 3, at the earliest.

Here is a paper I wrote on using General Hydroponics 3-part. It has been modified by moderators over the past few years. I plan to go through it and revise this method to fit my current understanding of using this nutrient blend.

Here is a link to the original thread @ Cannabisdot
Latewood’s Legacy: GH 3-part and CalMag tutorial and discussion

Edit and rebuild of thread is forthcoming.

After experimenting for 2 years with Advanced Nutrients/additives...
Botanicare Pure blend Pro/additives...and GH3-part/additives.
I fond this formula works and yields the best; And leaves the roots healthy throughout grow. Goodluck

This should answer a lot of question's you newb's have, and It should save you some money in the longrun.

Since a lot of you get caught up in the Lucas Method. I found this to
yield more. However if you have space limitations, just remove the Grow
from the formula for smaller plants/yield

START>>>Here is a higher yielding alternative to cut and dried lucas method...
Use grow part in veg 1-1-1 and create high yield bushes=less plants=less trouble, same yield overall.
In flower...use squewed 3-part
.25-1-2 for 1st 4 weeks
weeks 4/5 revert to lucas 0-1-2. Cutting the nitrogen back.
High yield philosphy...Grow bigger, but less...

From 35 gallon rez I dip a 5g bucket and add nutes. I have a turkey
baster syringe that sucks up exactly 40 ml if you fill it, So that works

5 gallon formula...convert as necessary...

Starting with reverse-osmosis water

8ml per gallon

Veg 1-1-1 = 40-40-40

Flower .25-1-2 = 10-40-80

Finish 0-1-2 = 0-40-80

add calmag+/3-5ml per gallon **ph5.8 water for topoff’s in between
nute change… I do not use calmag in nute change solution.
So. I
am doing what you are doing except I don’t use carboload, I use Liquid
Karma/or Seablast/ or some type of Vit-b and sparingly (this stuff cause
all kinds of foliage. (Especially under-foliage and I find the too much
under growth can causes airflow, and pest problems)


LK/Vit-b as I do Calmag+ for topoffs’s in between nute change. Alternate
topoff solutions each cycle; switching out LiquidKarma for Calmag+
every other week in between your weekly nute change (every 7-10 days).

Example: 3-part, topoff CM+, nute change 3-part, topoff LK, nute change 3-part, topoff CM+...etc, etc.
hope this makes sense.
Flower stage:
Start off with all 3 parts
same value=8ml x's 5 G's=40ml=1 part

Campared to lucas 0-1-2/0-40-80 for flower...
Use .25-1-2/15-40-80 per 5 gallons. You get more mass using the nitrogen at this stage.

It is safe to say this is close to the Advanced Nutrients values, but I simplifiied the recipe by going to GH/lucas values
Actually, they are General Hydroponincs values...right off the bottle. tweak as you need.

In week *4/5 flower. I switch to 0-40-80, and continue alternating
CM+/LK topoff process. I topoff at least every other day. this is PK
boost time for 8 week finish, I just use clean 0-40-80 until PK
transition. so for 9-12 week finish you would hold off on PK/Overdrive,
Use Overdrive, or high pk formula for a week or 2 prior to final flush.

Flush w/Florakleen.

*week 4/5 of flower. drop ph to 5.4 to make PK nutes more available
to plants. increase the ph each week .1… i.e. wk4-ph5.4, wk5 ph5.5,
wk6 ph5.6, wk7 ph5.7, wk 8 5.8 finish…Again; If you require longer
finishing time, You hold off on this ph transition.
**most of the time, calmag+/LK will buffer the water’s ph and you don’t have to adjust.

So that is my take…I don’t even right it down anymore. I just go
with the flow. Sorry about rambling on, but I figured I could go ahead and copy/paste this explanation to my notepad for publication on my hydroponics website.


Thanks @latewood, this is why I read Everything on this site !!

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