Amateur grow journal


4x4x7’ tent
1000w LED Hi-sdard full spec
6" 440cfm exhaust w carbon filter
WW reg from DC (next beans are coming from this wonderful site)
3 Beans above ground 3.19.18
3 beans above ground 3.28.18
5 gal smart pots final home
FF ocean forest medium
FF nutrients + Remo nature candy
18/6hr light schedule 78deg 50%RH
Currently in 12x12 spare bedroom until I finish basement 21x17’ space
I’ve never grown before. Not even a chi pet.
So far so good I would just like some input. I’m not sure how you add pics but they’re looking good so far.



Hi @Jump23man, welcome to the forum! You can add pics by clicking the up arrow just below the text box on the right. Then just navigate to where you keep your pictures. There are lots of great people here to help you with your grow, all you have to do is ask.


Finally found it. I’m a little slow :man_shrugging: lol


You’re right. They’re looking good so far.


Thanks! I agree I’ve been reading a lot from this forum. It seems to be the most helpful forum loaded with info and extremely helpful people!


Exactly, and if you need to tag someone for help just put a @ in front of their name like this @Jump23man.


Ok cool I definitely will especially when I get into my final touches on the basement room. Right now I’m interested to know if I should add another light asap or wait until flower and also should I invest in a 100-190 CFM intake. I haven’t been running exhaust since right now it’s not needed.


No, you have plenty of light for now. Your seedlings aren’t stretching, so that’s a good sign that you have enough light. As for the intake fan, you should have some kind of intake, but it’s not critical. There are people that just use am open vent. I’m sure an expert on this will be along soon to give you some better advice.


@Jump23man everything looks great! Following along now, I’ve set this to watching. Welcome to ILGM.


@Covertgrower would love to have you follow along! Thanks for the welcome.


I am right there with you. My first grow (of anything green) started 61 days ago.

You are starting right by joining this site and doing your research.
Pop in on my journal from time to time: First Grow is in the Dirt and going strong


Welcome to Ilgm the best cannabis forum in the world!!!
Many , many helpful people here,who wants nothing but to see you grow great meds :+1:
Congrats on your first sprouts, they look awesome.
I’ll be :eyes:


@raustin right now I’ve been leaving tent door open with a couple vents open. When it gets smelling purdy I’ll have to get an intake fan. Here is my basement setup for air exchange before I moved to my spare[Uploading…]


Update: Plants are doing really great! They seem to be shorter than others I’ve seen at this stage; but it’s alive and healthy and somehow I haven’t screwed up so I’ll take it. It seems like I have a good understanding of when and when not to water as they have shown no signs anything is wrong.
Transplanted the 3 smaller ones into a bigger pot (not final home). Things are going so smooth I decided to LST on the 3 in 5 gal pot. Not sure if I’ve done it completely right? Or if I’m doing it to soon?
I also scored a second Frigidaire dehumidifier for $40 that was basically brand new.
I also didn’t order enough soil and 2 of the 3 5gal pots soil line is low in the pot. Should I leave it or can I pull it out to add soil to get my plant closer to the top of the pot?


They’re looking great, good work, @Jump23man! I do believe you are catching on quickly. I wouldn’t disturb them to put more soil in the pots. Wait until they’re a little bigger to do that.



Thanks! I will hold off like you advised. Little scared to transplant a bigger one :/. I have a second light coming, a few more Remo nutrients , inline fan system for intake plus a few other things. I’ve delayed getting to far involved with actually building the basement garden room as of yet. Here is what I’m thinking though. Thoughts?


Good morning fellow growers, gardeners and Farmers!
Here are some updates: I’ve introduced my second LED into my tent and I’ve been very pleased with the addition (300watt bloomspect). I’ve been using the new 4" inline fan to draw some fresh outside air into my tent.
The girls have started smelling about a week ago and wow how surreal that is for a first timer. I’ve shifted up the little pots into 5 gal fabric; the three shifted I used Fox Farm ocean and Fox Farm Coco mixture. I also added more soil to one of the 5 gal I mentioned in earlier post. I shocked the ish out of her but she’s a fighter and recovering.
My watering habits has continued to be successful as far as I can tell. For a first timer with not much patience it’s been hard but when ever I think they need water I’ll make myself wait a day or two just to play it safe. Still on the remo nutes (nature’s candy and micro).
I hope @Hogmaster and @Countryboyjvd1971 don’t mind possibly giving me some input especially with my basement build and HVAC. I’ve read a lot of y’all’s input across the forum and it has been very helpful.
Thanks in advance
Pics from last weekend