Amare 500 SolarEclipse: Cob LED, Monochrome LED, and what stages to use them

Hello everybody. This is my first post, so apologies if I have poor forum etiquette off the bat. I’d like to talk mainly about COB LED white light, and Monchrome LED lights. It seems the COBs are full spectrum, and the Monocrhomes just sort of balances out the spectra. I’ve searched through the forum, and haven’t really come across anything definitive. Hopefully someone can help.

I have an Amare 500SE. It has 6 COBs and 60 Monochromes, along with a UV-A/B fluorescent. I’m not sure when to use which though. I think I run the COBs during seedling, and veg stage, and then turn on the Monochrome LEDs at Flower with the two running together. Then I would use the UV light for the last couple weeks. I think that’s how it’d go anyway.

Below are the specs, and if there’s anything obvious I left out, or you have questions, please let me know. What I’m specifically asking is, do I run both the COBs and the Monochrome lights at the same time throughout the full grow? Which one would I use for seedling? The UV-A/B fluorescent or the COBs? I don’t know if matters, but I plan on doing them in clear solo cups, inside regular ones, before I put them in their 5 gal forever homes. Thanks again.

Growing Media: Soil, 4x4 tent, inline fan ventilation, etc


CREE CXB3070-0000- 000N0HBB35G
Color: White, Warm
CCT (K) 3500K 3-Step MacAdam Ellipse

LED Monochromes:

CREE XPGDWT-01-0000-00M50
Color: White, Cool
CCT (K) 6000K

Color: Red
Wavelength: 625nm (620nm ~ 630nm)

Color: Blue
Wavelength: 475nm (465nm ~ 485nm)

@dbrn32 can help with this, better than I could.

Pretty sure they recommend different levels of dimming for different stages of growing. I would just reach out them, there’s option to contact them via their webpage.

Thanks. I was going to post a youtube video review of the light, but it’s from led grow lights depot and they’re a retailer, so I wasn’t sure if that’s okay or not.

Below is their response. I’ve read though that some people are using the monochrome lights during veg too. I’ll probs try both ways on different grows.

We recommend vegging young clones, seedlings and teens with COBs only at 24". Flower with both COBs and mono rings at 24" with no lenses on the COBs. The lenses are designed for high-bay applications that are recommended at 48-60" for optimum coverage and results. The UVB is recommended at the first signs of trichomes production to harvest for the first 8-10 hours of the photo-period. It has it’s own power socket on the fixture for you to run a separate timer. Please remove the protective blue nylon film on the UVB reflector before operation and let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

AMARE Technology, LLC.


YouTube videos are fine as long as they’re not spamming with links.

Wavelengths of 400-500 are your ones for growth or veg stage light

Wavelengths of 600-700 are red where 700-750 equals far red spectrum

Those are more for your bloom stages

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3000 is bloom

3500 duel

4000 veg

Gotcha @PharmerBob, thank you.

No way to run the red and blue independently from one another though. I’ve read that the cob’s white light has what I need for veg at 3500k if not exactly why, and that people still prefer to supplement the cobs with far red spectrum during bloom, which is why I figured that was the way it should go. I don’t like to ever assume that I’m right about something without checking first though, haha.

I’ve also read that when using 3500k, I want to supplement with uv light as well. Is this true?

I would think too much would hurt the plant, but I suppose too little isn’t good either. Maybe a staggered schedule with uv-a/b fluorescent throughout my day cycle, or a little at the start and end of it. Google isn’t really helping me figure out if the cree cob cxb3070 puts out any uv, would think not though.

Dang. Everything you just put there makes me want to start the monos as soon as they’re in their forever homes during veg

Nah you can grow a fine plant in 3500 without uv.

As far as far red goes I don’t think there’s ever enough

The 6000k white cree is tied with the monochromes though. Wouldn’t that be more beneficial for veg stage?

What’s 6000k pure white?

This one

they’re at 5 watts… I’m pretty sure that means something. lol sorry

I guess the more I learn about how the leds on this panel affect the grow, the more I would like to run both throughout veg and flower

You can run both just fine.
I have 3000K from seed to harvest.

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