Am trying first timer need help

Just help first time ppl and very English :uk: xx so 9 fabrit pot amnesia autoflower batmix h&G 6 pot tent in me bed room me baby is going fuckin mental but a love aye love the plants more sorry Ye cheatin bitch so HELP :sos: XXX

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Looks like a good start, What light you using there. Good luck with grow.

Welcome @Ging how bout some pics!!!

@Stella can you translate this for us :wink:


Welcome to ILGM!

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Thank you my friend

Welcome to ILGM, an occasional swear word is ok, but don’t make a habit of it, the moderators won’t like it.
Other than that we love pictures, and you can link anything from amazon. Happy growing. :seedling:


Koscheal 2000watt hood light

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Welcome to ILGM! :v:

Thanks my friend

You gave me the best pic one time showing the tie downs during LST ging was asking me to show him but mine don’t show that well. :smile: thank you much. :sunglasses:

Like this?