Am I Watering too much?

I have a plant of lemon cookies in a 3 gallon planter. It is currently on 18–6 lighting cycle under a 2500 watt led. I am watering every other day with pH balanced water. It’s putting on the effect that I am watering it too much but I’ll wait an extra day the leaves really start to turn. What am I doing wrong??


I can usually tell by the weight of the pot if I need to water or not. Lift pot Before & After you’ll get a feel of it. Welcome to the community Good luck !


Yes, agree with the above. If it’s overwatering, then after maybe 4 days the leaves with start pointing upward.

And don’t water until they almost droop again.

I find at your stage, I am only watering every 5 days or so.

Good luck. Learning how to water a weed is crazy different. ,:laughing:


Maybe you should check out the Autopots thread :wink:


I water each day personally. But I know exactly how much to give so no mold and no other problems.

Now once my girls get big it’s not unusual to use 1.5 gallons a day but my plants is a different beast than most. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

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@Tbandit I agree with @kellydans, if you are overwatering you can easily correct this by learning to only water once the girls have sucked the pot dry. It’s crazy how this plant loves to be saturated and then pushed to the edge of drought to be happy. Learn the wet pot weight vs the dry pot weight. Forget a strict calendar. Your girls will tell you what they want.


What they all said :point_up_2:
Also, if you are going to lst or do any trimming to get air circulation, now would be the time


I deleted the other topic regarding the same issue. They do look overwatered. How much water are you giving every other day?


I wonder if your viewing a “tired” plant. For a while during my grow, I was confusing a "tired’ looking plant with a thirsty plant needing water. How much water? Every other day?

Every other day it’s drinking about a gallon

Honestly that plant should not need that much water. Now during the flower phase, absolutely they will drink a lot every day.

I am only giving this one up to 16oz of water per day. Now she is starting to flower and I will up the amount as it develop. I have had Sativas drink 2 gallons per