Am I watering too much or to little?

This may seem like a goofy question to some but it’s important to me, beings I’m a first time grower. Here goes. I have 5 gallon smart pots, when watering, do I pour until I see water coming out the bottom of the smart pot? I know it’s important for the water to be able to reach the roots but I’m afraid I’m giving to much to quinch the babies thrust.

Yes but I don’t do it every time probably two out of three I want to just enough to see maybe a tablespoon come out of each side on the bottom (I use regular 3 gal. plastic pots) and then maybe once out of three I’ll water for about 20% runoff and check that run off
-hope this helps

growing outside if the pot is light, water it…I have two girls in five gallon smarts and they each get a half a gallon every other day. with that said the temps are consistently in the 90’s to ripple digits all summer long.