Am I under watering?

My plants look fine, but for some reason 2/3 have a few drooping leaves. I just watered yesterday but maybe I’m not watering enough. I usually water until I see some run off. Any ideas on why it would be drooping here are a few pics


I noticed when watering my plants that if I watered straight from the tap my leaves would droop. If I let my water reach room temp first, then they don’t droop. I think cool water shocks the plant but I have no proof of it. As far as the amount of water, just water until about 20% runs off. Check your PH too. Between 6 and 7 is good for soil

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It also could be that they are getting to much light. I read somewhere that the fan leaves will point up if not enough light and droop if too much light. All in all, they look good

Ph has been a point of emphasis for me. It’s at 6.3 and goes as high as 6.7. The water was pretty cold Bc my house becomes the North Pole around this time. Should I keep the water with a cap on it and in a cupboard maybe to keep warm ?

this is how my girls look I grow in a mix of fox farms ocean forest and black gold try to keep my ph between 5.5 and 6.0 for the temperature of the water I never check because I always refill the water jugs as soon as I use them and then store them in the same place the plants are that way in 2 to 4 days when I water again it wont matter because the roots and water are the same temperature. Also in a container of that size if you are having run off I dont see how you could be under watering

Oooo. Smart. Keep in same room as girls. Nd I’m in the final week of vegetation and I’m finding myself watering almost everyday . Is that normal ?

Do you have a cheap probe that checks the bottom of the pot for moisture? They are only a few bucks on amazon your bottom may still be wet and MJ likes the soil to dry out out a bit ( not to much but a little ) between waterings . I’m rite now struggling with letting mine dry out all the way before the next water I feel like I should but the bottom of the pot is still damp so I am in the grow room 3 or 4 time a day checking them . I would start waiting longer between watering to much and they cant get enough oxygen for the roots to thrive

It’s worth trying