Am I too late to grow photoperiod plants here in Florida?

I live in northern Florida, for my European friends that are not familiar to our geography here in the US, our temp is similar to the Mediterranean.

Is it too late to put out a crop of Photoperiod plants if put outdoors in late June.


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@FloridaSon would be able to help you, but i’m pretty sure it’s getting kind of late in the season to start a crop unless they’ve been growing indoors.

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You can, your plants just won’t reach the potential they normally would if put out in say April or May. You got to figure, you’re losing 2months vegg time


Thank you for both of your reply’s. I was thinking along the same as your answers, just hoping for the improbable.

I normally don’t malign a firm but the last group of seeds I bought only produced about 40% germination, and then some of the plants that did take hold, are very small. The firm I bought from is Linda’s Seeds in Spain. I contacted them and they ignored me.

Thanks again for your assistance.

Hey Dude1, I live in a garden zone 4 and i have to put plants outdoors at the End of may second week of June and i can not grow plants above 9 weeks outside. A similar event happened to a friend of mine he started his and as soon as they grew two sets of leaves he hit it with nutes N= 2.5%, P= 5% K= 2.5%. Seven days later they exploded to five nodes. He planted them on June 16th. He then added a top layer to his plants of down to earth neem meal (N=6%, P=1%, K=2%). He put about an inch of it on. He then used down to earth high phosphorous bat guano (5 tablespoons) and down to earth langbenite (3 table spoons) and every on the third week he would add two table spoons of alfalfa meal (N=2.5%, P=0.1%, K=2.5%) as his water soluble nutrients. i think every 14 days he would use the bat guano and langbenite He also added 3 table spoons of green sand and kelp meal to his holes. His plants got to 4/12 to 5 feet tall and his average yield off each plant was just under a 4 ounces (112 grams). I can not guarantee you will get the same results as him yet but i am running experiments to see if this is something that works more than 50% of the time.

Apolexx, what a wonderful sounding menu for growing, I will be sure to try your friends growing method.

I’m thinking about getting a few purple genetic seeds along with a few high in cbd to add to this years crop. If I don’t go forward with a second grow for this year, I will use your friends menu next spring on some of my plants along with the nutrients from the Nectar For The Gods on the rest and compare.

If your not familiar with Nectar For The Gods, I just read about it a few days ago and from what I’m reading this could be the Holy Grail for growing herb. Go to web page
“www.oregonsonly(dot)com/samples” for more info and on that page you can order one of their kits (a $100.00 value) for only the price of shipping.

Anyway, I’m retired and really have nothing to do but grow my garden. I prefer growing outside in 3 and 5 gallon fabric pots. I’m setup to grow inside but only use the lights for starting the babies and if needed I will take some of my outside plants inside to finish off under the lights.

Thanks and happy growing,

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Thanks for the tag @raustin !

Welcome to the forum @Dude1 and good to have another Florida grower to go with our growing population!

You can start them now, but by the time they are ready to veg from the seedling stage, you will only have about a month of veg.

You will be about two weeks behind these…

Don’t mind the mutant on the bottom. There was something going on as it emerged from the seed.

Or a month behind these, which have just gotten into veg and need to go in the ground…

So, you can do it, but you will not get much of a yield. @Apolexx has good info for you, but unless you are an experienced grower in ideal conditions, you can’t expect those same results.

I dropped my examples late, because I have the seeds to back those up for next season. The two sprouts are unknown, so I need to see if they are really worth growing. The stuff they came from was very good, just an unknown strain. I’m only expecting maybe a half ounce between the two of them.

The top veg plant is Super Silver Haze. I needed to learn her growing needs, so I planted her knowing to not expect much.

The one below her is Bruce Banner#3 that has been a really long story. Learning her needs this year for the next crop as well.

If you don’t have more seeds for next year, I would wait. If you don’t care about yield and just want to see them grow, I say go for it and start your learning!

@Budbrother @Rick3 @S.FloridaSwampman @Stoneythetiger420 also live in Florida. There are some more, but the names seem to escape me.

I’m down in the Ocala National Forest, northwestern side…


Really you should look up your garden zone for FL you may be able to squeeze the whole month of Oct for your grow

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With a little protection, we can pretty much grow all year. I plan to start an indoor this year to house a mother so I can churn out clones all Winter.

Yeah Maine is a jerk with its weather and I do not get to grow outdoors all year round.

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Here are some images of my first complete grow with The LSD strain from ILGM


Congratulations, nice haul!

That’s impressive!

I was totally surprised by it she was in a 5 gallon bucket did not expect to get something that big.

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Banana Kush that followed that nutrient regime I mentioned. This was taken two weeks ago she is getting pulled today

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I would like to see a current picture. That looks like it could go longer than you’re expecting.

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Welcome Dude1
@FloridaSon Thank’s for the Tag, Stop!!! I’m Already gonna have to get a Bigger Pool
Just messing with you
I’m New to growing down here, Come From Wisconsin, Live around Crystal River
And Honestly I Will NOT buy seeds from any where Else But Here.!.! I’ve had some Big Time Issues, Lost a few hundred in seed’s, Then when Stared looking on what I was doing wrong, Stumbled on here and Thank God @raustin @FloridaSon @Mrcrabs And Many,Many Other’s that have just Have been Awesome at just change’s that needed to be done.
Smoke your first Plant from ILGM An Forgot where I was Going???
OH yea
ILGM Have sent me Replacement Seed’s That Didn’t Germinate,(I Did Have Proof But they Never Asked) All By just an E-Mail, No where I found in the USA had that Promise! And Of Delivery, Freaking Fraacking It Has Been Awesome, They Are There for you
Right Now I have an OG kush auto growing in tent, Some what inside
then have 4ww,1 LSD, 2gold leaf and a few clones growing
People here are Awesome
Even Got my Neighbor to order from them, $5.00 more, But WELL worth it

I’m Getting Hammered by Rain


This was taken 4 days ago and the majority of the buds look like that. I have to go up to my bloom location tonight to look again but today was something I was hoping for.


What Kind is That?

FloridaSun, thanks for the note and welcoming to the forum and be part of the Florida group,@Budbrother @Rick3 @S.FloridaSwampman @Stoneythetiger420

I’m a little further northwest of you in the panhandle, central time zone. Go Seminoles.

I have enough crop growing to easily take care of ma and me for a year, or until next years crop. I like to have enough though to offer some to friends when they visit and give away for presents such as birthdays, Christmas, etc. But, unfortunately only 40% of my seeds germinated. I was expecting to lose perhaps 10%, but not 60%. Even at that I’ll do OK for a year after harvest.

I have a couple Super Silver Haze growing and one that was germinated in mid Apl is now starting to show pistols, the others were started 2 weeks later. Next time I’m down at the lake I’ll snap off a photo and show her to you.

Taking your advise, and others I now plan to spend my effort by overseeing the girls I have growing and not worry about a new crop until next year.