Am i too late! Might of waited too long?

Hey guys (&gals)

So am into my 3rd grow, & i really wanted to trial this monster cropping malarkey, but alas i think its gone too far!
I think the ideal time for cloning WAS 2 or 3 weeks into flower… am due to flush! Is it worth giving a go?
Obv asking for a friend! :slight_smile:

Thank you you all!

You’re right, that is the best time to take clones. How far along is your plant?

@raustin Just about ready to start flushing…:frowning_woman:

Oh, then yeah, it’s probably too late. You could give it a try though. Make sure to scrape the stem with a sharp knife, it might work.

Champion, whats to lose! Cheers :blush:

Good luck.

I wouldnt take a clone past 6 wks in flower. Takes to long to reveg. With that said it still can b done. Good luck

So. When exactly is it ideal to clone?Gonna step it up here, I think. Thinking Afganny. For fun and to keep me occupied. Winter is coming, here in MA. Sorry if im jumping around. New.

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Right after first pistils show on a photo period. The clones from the mother plant taken at this point are sometimes more vigorous than the parent.

Ok. So mother plant should be about week what? 1st timer for clones. Growing from Afganny seed. Haven’t worked out all the details yet, like i must. Thanks! This forum is great.

That depends on when you gave them 12/12 lighting. You could flip them to flower as early as 4 weeks if you want but it would be a small plant. This is where a good grow journal is worth it’s weight in gold.

Definite journal material. Will be nice to contribute for a change. LOL. What are your thoughts about growing from seed post germ? Meaning choice of medium. Rapid root plugs…lots of choices. Previously used MG. Thank you.

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Well, I’m a big fan of media like coco and Promix. The downside is more maintenance. The upside is faster growth.

I germinate in peroxide and water then right into a Solo cup of my chosen media. My current grow is in Promix HP and I just put the sprouts in that and run em out with distilled water until they are in veg then move them to a larger pot size and introduce nutrients. I never could get peat pots to work worth a darn and never tried rapid rooters or rock wool. I don’t have any trouble.

MG has some nutrient free stuff but generally their product line just isn’t geared for us cannabis growers.


How longs too long? Am gonna be flushing soon and then drying so not hurry really, and some of this lots not worth harvest so may as well give it a go… hopefully it will have reverted back to veg in tie & in line with other clones going back in. If that makes sense.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Jump away… am new too :blush:

I float my seeds in distilled water until they sink to the bottom. As soon as i see a sprout, I remove the sprout with tweezers and put it @ 1" deep. Have used MG for this. I usually don’t go to my promix until i see a descent grow starting. The Promix seems too fluffy to start.

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I took my monster clones at 6 weeks in flower and it took them about a month.

If they already have buds on them when u take them, pinch them off about half way thru the bud material. Makes the plant want to repair itself and will get the process moving along.

This is my monster clone now, about 5 months later.


Nah; it’s really pretty good. Domed with a t of water morning and evening; misting the inside of the dome, they really love it. Usually pushing a tap root out of the Solo cup in 10 days.


WTH? She really will be a monster! im going all in x

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