Am I too early to harvest?

Hi Smart People, I’m unsure how to proceed. Trichomes are mostly going cloudy which indicates I should flush and harvest. Most stigmas are still white but some have started turning brown which indicates I should let them flower longer. But, if flushing lasts two weeks (based on what I’ve read), then shouldn’t I start now? Bud clusters haven’t filled into full kolas just yet, more stacking is to be done I would hope. Or maybe I’m premature… how long will trichomes stay cloudy prior to turning amber? Flowering 4-5 weeks, so textbook I should let them go longer, Lemon Cream is supposed to run 8, but is that value encompassed in the total?

You guys that know these answers must have grown so much to obtain your wide base of knowledge…

So. Much. To. Learn.

Many thanks.

At some point between 8 and 11 weeks of flowering.

Harvest when the trichomes are to your liking.


So less science more feeling or preference. Gotcha. Thanks.


When they say 8 weeks, that is 8 weeks in flower. Happy Harvest :blush:

Pay no attention to flower times on seed websites They will be ready when they are ready usually after 8-12 weeks of flowering not 8-12 weeks from sprout. 4 to 5 weeks of flowering and they could have 6 or 7 weeks left.

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