Am I set for the seedlings

Ok so after a lot of reading I think I’m ready for step 3.

  1. tent, charcoal filter, exhaust fans, ducting and to 600 W HM/HPS bulbs in reflector hoods

  2. Germination is complete. Good roots appearing already.

  1. I have 10 clear solo cups with holes in the bottom and ready to go into red solo cups. Soil is saturated and drying to a damp moist soil to plant each seed

  2. I’m ready to plant the seedlings with a clear cup over the red solo cup.

Now comes the big question, do I fire up my whole grow system for the photo stage? Two 600w HM/HPS reflector hoods exhaust fans the whole thing for the photo phase?
I do not have CLF bulbs so hoping that HM will be ok. Do I run 24/7 for photo period or 18/6 on timers?

All advice is welcome as this is my first time and first crop growing.

Please help me get on the right track and start off on a positive note.

@JD01 At first I don’t run fans till they are about 6” to 12”. Then they go full speed till I harvest. Strengthening and helps circulate fresh air. I don’t know which Silica growers use but it also helps to strengthen up the branches. :+1::+1::+1:

Honestly run 18/6 till you are ready to flower. Then switch 12/12.

The most important thing this first week or so is constant temps somewhere in upper 70’s and high humidity. The reason some growers run lights 24/7 when first planted is for even temperatures. Once they get established get timer and put on 18/6 to give them a resting period and save yourself about $25 a month on electric bill.

You’ll need to lower your lights, or raise seedlings, until a little more then 20 inches from light. Eventually the plants will need to be more like 15 inches from the lights for vegging and flowering.

Each 600 watt mh/HPS is best for just a couple plants, you have started way too many seedlings, hopefully you’ll be able to finish some off outside.

You’ll want to get HPS bulbs to flower your plants. You can grow from start to finish using HPS, although best to use MH during vegging, but you won’t get good results using MH during flower.