Am i seeing a boy


I think I see signs of a male please help

Am I see this right ,


Right at the bottom of the new growth on the top 3 nodes those little balls that look a male


it does possibly look like a male I would keep close watch and give it a few more days or weeks to tell if it Sacks up


O crap there on one side and not the other its a frefreaK Morfadite


@FloridaSon. Ur pretty good @ this


Help a brother out


This is other other side


lol that looks like a female. do you even know what ur looking for? Google it or search this forum for what a male plant looks like. you have to wait it’s too soon. could be a hermi


Only 4 weeks from seed, Monday would have been 1St. Round of notes @ full strength. Better now than 4 to 6 weeks from now.


good luck


@Oldstoner thanks. Looking like a hermie 2me


Kinda but there is always hope . It is going to suck when I get a hermie I might just separate it and go old school and clean the seeds out of my weed before I toss it . Lol


@Oldstoner I hear ya man, and believe um thinking about it hard, but I just told my wife this is why I need feminized seeds. And this is a bag seed. But this is why I want to order good seeds and Tuesday I will.


Since plants show male earlier on in life if you plant is not that old and its showing its never a good sign. Although my recent grow they didn’t show at all either way for like 55 days so you never know. Agree with hermie. Looks like there could be both


I would have to agree with what you’ve been told above.

I believe it’s still too early to be positive, but generally once you are able to see something forming you should also be able to see the pistles.

If you decide to give it a couple more days, you won’t have any concerns with pollination at this point.

My murderous compulsion didn’t kick in, but it doesn’t look promising. I would keep suggesting the purchase of known seeds. I believe I also have my wife convinced.


Its those little dots @ the bottomof the new growth that bother me my last male started the same way, my female never did that. Im sure this is hermie ,Im gonna wait a few more days,gust to be safe

Thanks 4 the help @Oldstoner and @FloridaSon and @SativaStone
Will post new pics tomorrow. …



It’s way to early to tell.
Here is a pic to help you out.

be safe



I see the staminate. Im sure this is hermie, I hope not, but that’s it, that’s the best pic so far and it looks the same as the one I posted of my plant with out the female side showing sex. I can’t bereave its showing so early but that’s what I see,


If you’re sure, I would end it and drop another seed or two.


Ordering my girl scout cookies this week.