Am I ready to take this journey?

I am a legal medical patient looking to supply myself with flower to help ease my pain and my pocketbook. I am being told I’m overthinking this process and going to spend to much money on my closet. I’m told it’s a weed, it’ll grow in a 5 gallon bucket.

I do not want to start this journey skimping on things that I will end up replacing in the future. I would rather take longer to get started then double spend in the long run. I have done months of research, but I am looking for some reassurance from successful growers that I am on the proper path for a successful grow, but not going overboard. Thank you in advance for any input.

The grow closet plan:
AC Infinity 2 x 4 x 5 grow tent equipped with an AC Infinity Cloudline T6 inline fan with charcoal carbon filter and a Mars Hydro TSL 2000 full spectrum 300 watt LED light.
Lasko 48" oscillating tower fan and two Lasko 6" clip on oscillating fans.
I already have a Toshiba portable AC with dehumidifier, a small humidifier and a small electric heater if those will be needed.
Intermatic 15 amp digital timer
2 pack 6 Outlet surge protector
Two 5-gallon soil grow kits from a pot for pot with autoflower seeds from ILGM
Vivosun grow room glasses
Vivosun jewelry loupe magnifier
Vivosun PH & TDS meter combo
5 gallon buckets (for water)
White vinegar & baking soda (for ph up or down for water)
Dual-sided sticky traps for flying insects
Nitrite gloves
Binder clips & soft craft pipe cleaners (for LST)
Harvest More Trim Bin
16 oz. Mason jars
Size 67 - 62% Boveda packs
Mini digital temp/humidity meters
Future wishlist: Dry sieve screen set & Nugsmasher mini

Will this work?
I live in a third-floor condo unit with no extra room in my circuit breaker. I am looking to replace a ceiling light (on a 15 amp circuit breaker) with a Leviton 15 amp 120 volt outlet in the spare bedroom/husband’s computer room. I will plug a surge protector into each outlet, my fans will be plugged into one and my timer and light plugged into the other. I plan to vent out my ceiling, through the attic space, out a hood vent already in the roof. I will be running an 18 on (11pm to 5pm) 6 off light cycle. Nothing else will be used on that breaker during lights on. During lights off my husband may be using his computer but he runs that now with a 9.9 amp AC at the same time, so if my math is correct I will be good if he does not use the AC.

Any constructive input/recommendations are appreciated. I am very eager to move forward and start this journey, I just need to know I am on the proper road before any money is spent.


As far as the electrical I can tell you you will be ok with the lights and fans. The light will only be drawing 2.5amp at full power the fans are maybe 1amp so 3.5 amp. As far as the setup I reconstructed a yard shed for my grow and I’m also new so I’m going to get a couple pros to help you with the rest good luck happy growing. P.s. I’ve you would like to tag someone to your post you can do like I’m doing now @Hellraiser @yoshi @Mark0427


It’s usually air conditioners or dehumidifiers that pull the most in a grow area. I have up to 5 fans and 3 different lights going on one 15amp just fine. Dehumidifier had to be put on a separate breaker though. So the ac may prove a problem. Do you have a killawatt? Could measure inrush of appliances and time them to be less stressful on the breaker. I did for a short period run my dehumidifier on the same breaker. Would pop it 5% of the time it auto kicked on.


Good morning Rosebud, welcome to the community and a great place for help, advice and plenty of support. I grow in a closet in my garage with a 15 amp service. I run a 10000 but ac, large dehumidifier, 2 ac infinity fans 6” and 8” plus 2 inline duct fans, and HLG RApec light and several fans. I knew this going in so I check the wattage/ amps of all the devices totaled. USB devices help and they are low voltage equipment. Hope this helps and we’re here for help :love_you_gesture:

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Welcome to the community ! Inside grow most important piece of equipment would be your light.
2x4 space the HLG 260 v2 rspec XL light would be a great choice for your space. Also the best way to control temperature in your space is control temperature from where you’re pulling your fresh air from. Just my thoughts good luck my friend :+1::v:


Sounds like you have a hell of a plan

I’d like to second the light recommendation above but that said, there is nothing wrong with your choice, I just am partial to the hlg line

Good luck with your new hobby

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First off, WELCOME TO THE FORUM! Set up looks pretty good. Only shortcoming I see is your ph meter. I suppose the one you have is the $20 combo? I have 2 of them in a drawer somewhere. Apena is the brand widely recommended around here! Cost about $50 on Amazon.
Again, WELCOME, and tag (@) me out if ya have more questions. I may not have the answer, but can probably tag someone who can. :wink:

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Seems like you’re all set my personal suggestions would be
1 get ph up and down the vinegar and baking soda can work in a emergency situation but the components can cause issues long term
2 I use a tsl2000 light and it works but I want to upgrade to hlg rspec lights

I agree you should look for a better light. Hlg lights are nice (or so I hear, I can’t afford one). Also, citric acid works pretty well for ph down. Other than that, sounds like you’ve got a good plan.

Your getting good advise but I’d mention height of space…if there is anyway you can go taller you will greatly appreciate it later. Also I use the 260xl in my 2x4x6.3 tent and it grows great buds. Just saying

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I would rethink the lights as mentioned above. HLG will give you the results you need.

Height…as much as you can spare. I grow 8 feet plants indoors.

A great strain for Pain Management is G13 Labs Peach Puree CBD. :+1::+1::+1:


Wow! Thank you all for your input. I felt so much better after reading your replies, I went and ordered my tent, fan & filter from AC Infinity today. Thank you for the suggestions on the ph meter and HLG lights. I’m trying to decide if I want to wait the extra pay period to be able to get that light. If I choose the HLG lights, I will not have time to do two harvests in “my” season, is it worth the wait?

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Yes it is IMO

Agree. I just harvested my PP and SCB and the PP is quickly becoming my favorite. Very mellow buzz and not locked on the couch.

Haven’t tried the SCB but will soon.

Thank you @MrPeat for the recommendation!

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@emgoldslo You are welcome. Just glad I could help.

Now SCB is going to floor you so be prepared. :+1::+1::+1:

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Hey hey !!! Welcome. Good growing.