Am I ready to harvest? (Amnesia Haze Autoflower)

I am a complete newbie when it comes to marajuana, I can’t believe I managed to actually grow a plant! But now I am worried I will harvest too soon or too late.
I grew one seed of Amnesia Haze Autoflower using PotForPot dirt and supplies. It was outside the entire time. (I am in Florida so it’s usually sunny)

It first sprouted on October 24 so it has been ten weeks. The pistils look like the majority are turning amber. And most of the fan leaves have turned yellow and dropped off.
Can anyone tell me if it is ready to harvest?

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Welcome to the community. Nice plant. Do you have a scope to look at the trics. How they look determines what type of high. Clear, cloudy or really head kicker stuff. good luck :rofl: :bat:

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I borrowed a loupe from my friend. They look pretty clear still!

Then you have some time. Keep checking regularly to see where your at. happy growing :rofl: :bat:

Yours are same age as my Zkittles, I believe AH is an 8 week strain, you have about 2-3 weeks left.

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I purchased a digital WiFi scope, this thing rocks!!

This is trichomes at week 7 -

Some clear, milky and amber.


Nice clear pictures ! I need one of those.


Welcome to the community! Congrats on your first grow. I must warn you though… pharming is addicting LOL!!


Ok, I was counting the weeks from when the seed first sprouted so I think that threw my calculations off!

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I was going to order one from Amazon. Is there one you would recommend? What strength is yours?

Hey I’ve been looking for a scope like that. What brand is that? I’m currently using the Carson pocket scope it works but is kind of pain to use. Looking for something I can plug into my laptop for easier viewing

Hi. Is it possible for you to take a picture of the whole plant?

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My scope is 50x-1000x

Thank you! I ordered something similar. Your plant looks awesome!!

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Looks good. Probably still got alot of fattening up to go, I think this strain is a slow finisher?
@Oldguy @neofirebird @dbrn32 @Dbpooper ?


I’d say watch the trichomes daily on the buds. Awesome job :grin: I would be surprised if you went two more weeks but look back at your pic in a week. :grin:


I haven’t grown before, but this one looks pretty close.

I got the scope! I think they are still pretty clear but getting close to milky?!

I don’t know what that brown thing is…maybe a bug??

S20210109_0010|640x480 S20210109_0009 S20210109_0012 S20210109_0008 S20210109_0011 S20210109_0007 S20210109_0006 S20210109_0005 S20210109_0004 S20210109_0003


Nice pictures!! I would say 2 weeks min and yes, that’s a beetle in your buds.