Am i ready to flush or am early or late....first harvest looking for advice

So im just not sure. Little help here gang if you could. Should i flush for a week and harvest? Am i to anxious and jumping the gun? These girls have had a rough go of it being my first grow. Feel i did ok all things considered. Started with crap lights, drowned one at beginning of flower, almost lost a second to same, one was a dwarf to begin with. Both from bag seed. One is cbd lifter the other is unknown thc strain. Any suggestions, recommendations and opinions welcome!

I noticed on some other threads about harvest people were asking for full plant and bud pics…everybody likes weed porn right?

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I just harvested my first grow not too long ago. I think you’re a little too anxious, as was I. With all the white hair’s still there, I believe you’re way early. It also looks like it could fill out some more.

@Schmokey i feel its early as well. Just dont want to go to long before beginning to flush. Have read hydro can really taste bad if you dont flush for at least 7 days and if you can for 14 it lessens cure time. Just wanna hit that window and still get my daytime buds. Dont care for couchlock but once in a while.

Definitely a bit early, how long has it been flowering? Also you may want to monitor your feedings and ppms you may want to back the nitrogen off a tab as your leaves are pretty dark. You may be locking out other nutrients. Causing issues in bulking. Could be your light is weak a bit also as your plant is a bit stretchy. If you could fill out a support ticket it will help others diagnose things!! I’ll post one up for you give me a second.

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Ph Of Runoff Or Solution In Reservoir?

What Is Strength Of Nutrient Mix? Ec, Or Tds

Indoor Or Outdoor

Light System, Size?

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7 weeks in flower today but…big one…i started with weak af lights. Ive added a spider farm 1000. Not ideal and i intend to add at least 2 more for the next round. Still using my crap burples as well. Didnt even show gender until 12 days from switch. Today is 13 weeks and 3 days since putting seed into rockwool. Ill fill out the sheet tomorrow. That cbd plant was really stretchy from the start. Just topped off with nute water yesterday. Ph is 5.84 on thc and 5.73 on cbd. Thc ppm is 890 after top off. Cbd is 773. I shorted her because of the lead color and discolor.

Wouldnt have gotten this far without this forum. Between reading posts and getting good advice im fairly proud of what ive grown for first try ever. Next 4 are gsc extreme autos from ilgm!

You should be proud! Just wanted to let you know what I was seeing, your numbers seem good though. Keep on keeping on gromie :v::+1:

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@Dbpooper I appreciate your observation. Ive been after those leaves a while on the cbd lifter. It reacts absolutely different to everything than the cannabis. Guess i should specify the lifter is true hemp, so no more than 2% thc. Idk if that makes a huge difference. My wife prefers this for tinctures and such as shes not big on the “high” but enjoys the medicinal benefits. And that plant has stayed alive thru some struggles!

Not proud but this was her on her death bed. Both her and her sister and the sister didnt make it. I overfilled my buckets on full water change. So ya im just happy she produced anything.

It’s all about living and learning bud, glad you’re still at it and having fun!