Am I ready to chop my crop and hang

How’s it going everybody I’m currently in questions to see if I’m ready to chop my gelato I’m currently at 0ppm been 0ppm 6.8ph in ocean forest soil for about a week now and have been in the dark already the passed 5 days tricomes are about 60% orange. My question is am I ready to chop and hang? And if I am what is the ideal temp and humidity I should aim for? so I can have the perfect drying time and also should I do wet trimming or dry trimming what is recommended any help would be appreciated thanks in advance

If you’re at 60% amber, she’s definitely ready.
And if you’re looking for a slower drying, better tasting bud, your best bet would be to dry the plant whole and dry trim.

@Growyourown what would be the best temperature and humidity to keep it at

You want your temps between 60 and 70 and your humidity between 55 and 65%.


Thanks a lot very helpful :pray:t2::pray:t2:

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Is it necessary to hang them in the dark?? I don’t have the convenience of a drying room or tent. If temps and humidity are important for drying I was just gonna hang them to the side of my grow room while my other plants start flowering.

Not necessary but I wouldn’t leave them inside your grow space. When drying and curing your humidity and temp should be controlled. Drying should be in its own seperate location.


Drying inside a grow tent with other plants will be too much light and airflow.
It doesn’t have to be completely dark, but as dark as possible is best.

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Ok so the issue isn’t mainly the temps and humidity then. Just the excessive air flow and light. I have one of those 6 level mesh hang drier with a carbon filter fan on it. Should block out most light. Would that then be good in the room? My room is already at those suggested temps and humidity. Just trying to keep things in one area.

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If it’s a room, yeah that would be fine. I was thinking you were talking about a tent.

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Nope I built an 8’x10’x8’ room in my basement. I’ll be upgrading my ventilation and power in my room in July. Should be good to go

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This is a good video about harvest and dry I believe the 1st vid is harvest 2nd vid is dry and 3rd vid is cure. Bill Ward is a knowledgeable old hand.

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