Am I ready for flower stage?

Greetings All. I am another first time grower and I have a question regarding transitioning to Flowering mode. I purchased feminized banana kush and strawberry kush from ILGM and am wondering if they are ready to take to a 12/12 schedule?

Here is what my plants looked like on 1/1/2018

Here they are this morning (2/7/2018)

(strawberry kush)

(banana kush)

They will be 4 weeks older than the first picture and I was thinking I would switch to 12/12 this Saturday. Are they ready, or should I veg a little more?

My current set up is an indoor grow in a 48" X 48" X 80" grow tent with a 600W HPS. I thank you in advance for your input as I am looking to have a successful 1st grow.


Personally I would like them to get a little bigger, maybe 2-3 weeks, then switch to flower… Also maybe you can training her… Search on YouTube about LST


M4ur, thanks for that feedback. I will go a little longer per your suggestion and look at the lst method. I have watched a few videos and will give it a try. Otherwise, do they look ok for 4 weeks old?


Yep! She’s looking healthy, a little small but this is not a big deal! Also do you planning to top/fimm her?

Believe it or not, I actually did do a fim at 4 leaf nodes tall. I guess I really did miss lol. What would you suggest at this point?

This can be done after she have at least 3-4 sets of true leaves, and can be done until you put her in flower stage. This is a chart for this procedure.


Any time after 4 or so nodes the plant should be mature enough to flower. On the other end, once you switch to 12/12, your plant will double in height.

So, any time between 4 nodes and 50% as tall as your available space is when you can flower.


Well said @PhantomFarmer


Also, keep in mind that the longer you veg, the more yield you get. :slight_smile:


A big Thank You to all who weighed in. I topped all of my branches and FIM’d the tops yesterday. I already see new growth. I will let these girls veg until the 24th and ask the same question again.


It looks real good and healthy. Yeah do what all the guys said they won’t steer you wrong. If you let it veg a little longer like they said you will get more yield. You won’t regret taking more time. What I’m learning and what everybody finds is that growing your own quality meds takes lots of patience and learning. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Take care and happy growing.


I’d agree with @M4ur it will just make them stronger to be able to carry some dank bud :v:

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Hello again everyone. Jefe here. I am posting some update pics. It has been approximately 1 week since I posted my original pics and question. I believe I will veg 1 more week. My question now is, should I prune these by removing some fan leaves. They are really bushy now. I topped all of the branches a week ago and topped the top of the plants. Check them out here and leave your recommendations/suggestions please. Note that I am only talking about the ones to the left and right of the group picture. The other 2 are Blueberry auto-flower and I am not worrying about them very much. One has started flowering allready, and the other one has been nursed back from being stunted.
My current set up is an indoor grow in a 48" X 48" X 80" grow tent with a 600W HPS using Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil, Fox Farms trilogy of nutrients, and 5 gallon fabric aeration pots.

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Now are bigger :joy::+1::sunglasses:
Keep us posted on your progress :+1:
Maybe you can bend them a little bit and tie them down (LST - watch a few videos on YouTube about LST before you start playing with them :+1:)



It seems like my branches are not long enough to tie down. I work with them by hand trying to bend them down, but it appears to me they are too bushy to see any significant change or additional light to other tops. I have watched several videos, and it looks like all of the lst videos shows plants with much longer branches. Maybe I am missing something. Should I thin out some of the leaves that are not tops or will not produce buds? If so, what should I look for to remove? Would it help if I were to post a video closeup of the plant so you can look at it as if you were the one working on it?


Hi there welcome @Jefe1 it would be great but like @M4ur said you would probably be able to tie down a little maybe a little pruning will help you see more of what can be and also after a watering or feeding I have heard is the best time to be doing LST or bending it makes you plants more bendable hope this helps your plants are looking very very nice :v:

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Sorry for the late reply!
@Johnzy81 is right… A little pruning for them… Not much, just the leaves that are in the front of the new/old tops… And LST…just be gentle with them… 1-3 inch a day…

Dude did you switch light schedule? You can they will double or more in height
Also try cleaning her up from bottom up that should help with out removing to much vegetation in canopy
I remove the shoots that are struggling to reach canopy this opens canopy up a little and gives you great clone candidates :wink:

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Out off likes but these people know what they are talking about you will find all the help you need just keep asking if you want. :v:


@Countryboyjvd1971 thanks for helping out I hoped you would off.

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