Am I reading this correctly do I need 19 different products?

How do I read this schedule? I understand what weeks to do what but it seems like it’s suggesting I need 14-19 different products for the feeding schedule and that seems pretty excessive lol.

I don’t use feeding charts but from the looks of it and from what I understand of it, it’s just a chart for if you have 1 of these products. Because to use all these products at 1 time, you would burn your plant to death. Nutrient poisoning would then be the case. @CitrusCircus

It’s got cal mag in there and I know cal mag definitely isn’t a complete line of supplements. Would still need NPK sources. I’m thinking of just using fox farm trio to supplement late veg early bloom and maybe just follow one of their schedules.

I did a quick glance at their lineup.
I wouldn’t mix fox farms nutes (other than big bloom) with this “organic” lineup.

If you want simple and straightforward just go all fox farm.

I guess I could, I just already have the soil. The hydro store was out of everything except a bag of Coco and this when I bought it but now they’ve got FFOF etc in stock.

I’m not too hung up on being ALL organic I just wanna hash out my grow style and hopefully get some semi dank bud that tastes like blueberries. I’m definitely not buying $300 in nutrients to complete that schedule though.

Fox farms is about as inexpensive as a lineup goes. It’s def not organic, but it will grow decent weed for little $$ and little effort.