Am I properly water my 5 day old seedling?

I have been misting it twice a day and giving it a couple of cap fulls or so of water every day with the mister on solid spray. It really looks healthy.

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I would have to say yes, then. Are you spraying the plant or the soil?

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I spray the plant and the ground until its damp, then I squirt 3 or 4 streams of water all around it. It just seems to dry out awful fast.

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I don’t spray the plants. Water droplets on the plant, under lights, will burn them. You can put a dome over them to raise humidity if you need to. They won’t have much of a root system after 5 days so they will take up most of their water through the water in the air (humidity).


Thank you

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Do u have any pics to put up so we can see the plant

I’m a little paranoid to do that…

Paranoid to put up a pic. Just turn off phone location and ull b fine.

OK, you talked me into it…I am very proud of her.IMG_0799 IMG_0800 IMG_0801 IMG_0802

I have no clue what I’m doing either but to me it looks like too much water. Please don’t take my advice. Wait for the pros to chime in. @Nicky can u help this person?


Thanks FM…

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Reading this grow guide will build your confidence. Others can tell you what and how but if you wanna KNOW for yourself, read read read. Also it’s respectful to those who take their time to reply and help strangers grow medicine, to have first tried to answer the question yourself. Is that light a tsw 3000? Is that towel around your plant for cleanup or is it wet and adding moisture to the air of your grow space? If it’s for moisture you may wanna try filling a bucket with water half way then tearing the towel into strips that lay half in the water half over the edge of the bucket, you will wanna change that daily. Under a wet towel on the floor of a basement is a great place to start a mould and mildew farm so be careful about having it there on the floor.
Aside from reading and the towel, your soil looks kinda wet for a seedling. I don’t have a ton of experience but what I did was I cut the corners off a plastic baggie and used that to tent my Dixie cup, allowing for the 60-70% RH for seedlings. I would mist the inside of the bag and a few to the sides of the cup never on the seedling itself, the lights will burn holes on the leaves if they are wet for too long, the drops act like magnifying lenses on the leaves. You can also use the lift a pot method on the cup. If it’s light water it if not don’t. Takes a tiny bit of trial and error but lift a pot methodology is used by the likes of Kyle Kushman and Jorge Cervantes to name a couple. Good luck, happy growing, and welcome to your new favorite hobby.

Don’t mist like said above.

Water by weight of the solo cup, don’t over water, let it dry out as roots stretch and grow to find water

Don’t be noided out. Let’s assume that the fuzz does peruse the forums, I would, so I’m sure they do. The thing that keeps you safe from that is that police have rules about wether investigating or attempting to arrest someone is worth the money invested in doing so. They won’t spend money trying to bust a person with one or two plants in their basement. Now if you have a 10x10 grow tent, filled with pounds of fresh grown cannabis, maybe, depends can the prove you are selling it? Growing 1 plant in itself might be enough to arrest you, but be a complete waste of taxpayer dollars, to investigate you.


Plus the metadata is removed from photos before it posts to the site.


Did not know that. There are apps for that too.

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Thanks for all the info. The light is a TS 3000. The towel was an attempt to raise the humidity, it failed and now i am using a humidifier. This is a fun hobby.

It’s not like the Government doesn’t know how to waste money :smile:

Thank you.

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