Am I overwatering?

I been giving a day between each feed and water I’m gonna try two days between each and see if it helps.

@raustin @blackthumbbetty this looks up you ladies alley for helping. I’m sure others will come along soon to. But I think some go by feel. Others use a finger pushed into the dirt. If it’s wet at the second knuckle wait longer. So probably a little over watered for little plants. But they look pretty healthy.

The main stems are very thin and why is it light green at the top is that light burn?

I’m still learning myself. Wait for some experts. I’ll tag another person that’s online.

@OldSkunk can you help them please.

Nope. Not yet anyway in my opinion. At 4 sets of leaves, you can give 1/2 gal every other day without issues. Right now, just the base of the seedlings no more than once a day should be fine @Clittle25. I use plant saucers myself.

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They look great. What makes you think you’re overwatering? Looks like you’re doing a good job.

The drooping worries me

I don’t see any real drooping. Stop worrying and enjoy the grow.

Plants will occasionally droop for lots of reasons. Overwatering, overwatering, but also before the lights come on and when the lights go off.

Yup they all look just fine to me. No worries

Maybe your right thanks guys I just gotta relax.