Am I overdue for a transplant?

Okay tomorrow will make week 3 since I fist started growing white widow den seeds first two weeks I had the in tiny pots maybe 1-1/2x1” pots they are currently in 6x6 clay pots tomorrow makes a week they’ve been in there. Now they looking bushy…

like growing leafs close together wondering should I just go head and put them in 5 or ten gal pots?and should the leafs feel dry?

Most folks wait till the leaves fill the area of the pot before up potting.
That way the roots have matched the canopy.
Clay also holds a lot of excess moisture. Could cause over wet issues.

Maybe raise your light a bit. And Just double check your rh.
Should be in higher 70s-lower 80s at this stage. :wink::+1::v:
Looks good tho @Ad . :grin:


Definitely looking good. I would personally transplant them now though to maintain that speedy root growth. Agree with @Oldguy if the leaves are feeling sorta dry you should raise the lights a bit


That old man up there ^^^^^^ is spot on. Wait a bit till the top canopy is even with the sides of the clay pot. Prolly another week or 2.
Back to what @Oldguy commented on is that light placement. It’s most likely the pic but it looks awfully close. Be gentle with them little ladies, they look great btw. Absolutely spreading their wings and soakiing it up.
Are you gonna start a grow journal, tag me if ya do, I’m gonna drop some WW seeds next go. OH …lol I’m baked but I was gonna say about the 5 gallon containers is think about size difference and what light and space ya got cause then 10 gal pots is BIG… lol😎


Hey. Not that old. :joy::joy:
Only 59. Almost 60. . :grin::+1::v:


Yeah I most definitely noted my grow journey I just don’t have many pics just notes but I’ll tag you in once I start uploading .these babies grow fast it’s like everyday they look different.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:and I think I’ll go with the 5gal I stood in one place an stared at the available space I have lol


Thank you!!

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Clay pots suck for anything that’s not a succulent. As for time to transplant… in simple terms watering cycles should let you know when it’s time. If you find that instead of watering every other day you now have to water every day… it’s time to transplant. When you do transplant wait till then plants dry out the rootball will stay together much better than after watering.


Hey @Oldguy I’m pushing the 60 also,good to see you again,see you here and there on the form.

@Ad What size LED is that?

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@acort i wanna day an 6x12…I got it so small because of the first pots I had the seedlings in first it was perfect…I’m looking into getting a big an better light…any suggestions??

FIVE DAYS LATER welp that didn’t take long lol

They are coming along I will be transplanting and adding nutes next week when my fabric pots come in

Have you given any thought to topping? That light looks awfully close, a blurple under a foot is pretty hot!

I just noticed the dog cage… INGENIOUS…I like it :+1::sunglasses:
Can you take the bottom (or top) off and raise or lower the cage?

@LoCoRock I’m going to top Tuesday when my tent n fabric bags come in on…they are growing so fast I’ve ran out Of things to put on top of the cage to raise it higher it’s definitely time one of kinda drooping I figure it was because it’s outgrow the pot it’s in now

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Lmao my dog is not pleased AT ALL!! I have a big tent n fabric bag coming in Tuesday so he can have his space back

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Too funny…ya they look great man… Very nice… They grow like weeds huh? LoL
You still guy some time , don’t stress over it surely. When you get everything set up and have the lights hung smoke a fatty and gently transplant to there forever homes. 5 gal fabric you said. Your ffof soil?

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@LoCoRock I’m switching to foxfarm ocean forest potting soil I didn’t know miracle gro was a big no no. Down to the water I use i have to switch up I just don’t want to put them in a big shock switching everything at once.

Aren’t you the one who said you’ve had some successful grows with MG? Regardless ffof is good stuff. That’s what I’m currently in, well with a little bit of amendments. I’m definitely gonna try the coco/perlite thing come March April after this next group going in is finished.

No sir definitely not me lol I’ve grow fruits and veggies with MG an had successful turn outs but not herbs.