Am I on track for a good harvest and when?


Hi everyone! This is my first grow from a bag seed. I’m on day 43 since I started 12/12 cycle. I used the ff trio for nutes. This week I switched to plain ph distilled water and molasses every other watering. I’m using unconventional led dj lighting lol a total of 1200 watts. Just wondering if I’m on track for a good harvest,and when?


They still have several weeks still to go and you should get a good amount :wink:


Thank you, should I keep with my bloom nut es still?


Absolutely yes


Thank you!


They will just keep getting fatter and fatter they look great


I was worried with my unconventional lights, I started a veg tent with a 1000 watt grow light and bought fem white rhino. Started as a experiment and now I’m hooked