Am I on the right track with my soil and nutes?

I read the Stonington Blend Grower’s Mix is soil and nutrients both in one. Does that mean I don’t need to buy more nutrients?

It’ll last 6 weeks max mj is one of the most nute hungry plants out there you’ll either need to top feed with lots of dry amendments (about 20 tablespoons 484 every 2 weeks along with molasses and Epsom salt infused water) , make up compost teas , or use hydroponic nutes


Wow I didn’t expect that much, should I just not bother with nutrients?

The COM website has a cannabis feeding schedule for Stonington blend

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@PandemicPoop With your coast of Maine soil as most call it around here. You have a good base. It will need at least one tea to boost it through grow. Now that it’s here in soil building I’m sure some of the organic guys like @Deez (I think) should notice it better.

The bag reads exactly like a super soil recipe. I’ve never used it personally. But I’d imagine with neutral pH water and a little bacteria boost or food (no salt nutrients). You’d grow a fine girl beginning to end.

Feed being molasses n stuff. The organic growers will catch ya soon enough.

Ah, here we go. Info.

Im using the pink bag. It dont need no feeding like every one says for a few weeks. I personally water my ladies and feed them at the same time with Jack’s 321. They are growing beautiful and healthy

I use it. Have used it for several grows and I’m very happy with it. Yes you’ll need additional nutrients but if you follow the feeding schedule Cosst of Maine posts you’ll get good results. Basically in addition to the soil you’ll need Stonington Fertilizer, Worm Castings and Coast of Maine Fish Bone Meal. That’s about $50 worth of ferts that will last you a long ass time.