Am I near harvest?

6th week/45th day AK-47
Distilled water with CalMag & FF soil & nutrients as needed
Humidity 50-65%
a/c controlled room running 75’-80’
I’m having to water every other day
I have 2 humidifiers & 3 fans running
'm going into my 7th week of flower. I’m just wondering about how much longer? Should I go ahead & start flushing? I appreciate any helpful info for the home stretch. :slight_smile:



You have awhile to go still be patient

Agree you have a few weeks to go yet. You won’t be disappointed. The flowers will still swell up nicely and add weight.

Weeks to go
Depends on what you use to feed.
Organics or petroleum based feed.

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You have a few weeks. If you’re gonna flush, I would start now. Looks nice.

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Thanks everyone for the info!

I’m excited for you. I did the same thing my first grow. I thought I was almost there based on how long they told me they should take… turned out to be almost 3 weeks sooner than they were ready. You’re going to put on a little more fat before the time comes. Nice!

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