Am I killing my seedlings?

Im confused with my auto seedlings dying after about a week. They sprout about an inch or so, then stop doing anything. I’m using 5gal fabric pots, Happy Frog soil and 400w mh set at about 4 1/2ft. I’m considering getting a 2ft, 4 bulb t5 just for my seedlings. I’m going nuts trying to get things right. Any suggestions would be a great help.

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What kind of watering practices do you use?

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I water the hole where I place my seed, place the seed, lightly cover, then spray the top of the soil.

I am using bottled drinking water but I am not checking the ph.

At this point they are forming roots, and it may seem like they are not growing, but under the soil they are. Light watering and time and they should start growing again…

I could be wrong, pictures of the seedling would help alot, just to see what they look like…


Sorry, no pics, they looked like they dried out and died. The root was about 3in under the soil. Sorry for lack of info. Thanks

Light watering and a humidity dome will help you at that point.

20-50 ml around the perimeter of the plant not at its base and the dome

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I’ll try that on my next seed. Thanks

Thanks for the tips.Solo cup size humidity dome?

Ya, using a clear party cup will work. Imo it’s more difficult to start in larger pot than smaller. However, transplanting autos can shock them and sometimes go into flower early too. It seems like part of the information gap between autos and photos. Autos are recommended for beginners pretty often, but they can be really finicky. As to where you can always veg a photo plant longer if you run into issues early.


Is Happy Frog soil too hot for auto seedlings and does it drain well enough?

Hf is a good soil. I usually mix mine with some perlite to fight compaction and aid in drainage. But the perlite won’t keep you from overwatering.

Great, thanks for the quick response. Killing my seedlings has really tested my sanity, patience and intelligence. Really appreciate your time and advice.


Ive never grown an auto, but thanks for pointing that out. So I guess that directly sewing in the finishing pot is the preferred method then?

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Im surprised at how easy it is to overwater small cannabis plants. I did it. I also over fertilized and needed a flush and transplant. But all seems to be on track now.
I have what seems to be a deficiency but Im going to wait until new growth has filled in so I dont go correcting something caused by overwatering.


Yup. People do transplant autos successfully too, but you usually see more experienced growers be successful. And they typically use very exact methods.

lol I kill more than I grow. I killed autos I killed photos and right now I am trying not to kill ice cream cake bag seed

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Be careful with what appears to be old/dead vegetation in the pot behind the pretty lady. Mold can start producing and thrive on the decaying plant matter

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Oh are you referring to the cucumber plant? Base? Naw its pretty dry there, never sees water.

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