Am I just unlucky

I got the purple pack a while back. I had trouble getting the first set of seeds to germinate. I explained my trouble to ILGM, and they immediately sent a replacement pack. Great news right? After that, I had 2 pm plants and one ph that I had no trouble with. Once that grow was completed, it was finally time to try the one I was most looking forward to, the gdp. Started 2 . The 1st one popped almost immediately and I out it in a pod. No luck on the 2nd meanwhile. So l started another. Nothing. So l decided to start another, but it only slightly cracked open. So I started my last 2 hoping something would happen. Same thing, but this time I had read that peroxide mixed in can help. So l tried that. Success, or so I thought. They popped great. I put them into the pod with extreme care hoping everything would work. Alas, I sit here after 2 weeks with what appears 5 pods with no plants growing. Super frustrated with this particular experience, but I think I’m going to try something else. Maybe Skywalker OG. Any tips or suggestions are welcomed. Thanks.

GDP has had some issues with genetics from what I can gather. I myself had an auto - which they don’t sell. So obviously it has ruderalis somewhere in its lineage. I’ve seen another with similar results. I would recommend growing gdp in smaller containers as it’s a small plant anyways and minimize transplanting.

Can you go into detail how you germinate? Lots of different successful ways just wanna see if there’s anything that stands out.


I use the same method that is recommended by ILGM. I soak the seeds in distilled water until they pop. Then I put them in peat pods that were soaked with distilled water. Once the are about an inch to an inch and a half. I then put the pod into ocean forest soil. Worked fine for the purple haze and kush, just no luck with the gdp.


Two things to try:

1/2 tsp of peroxide every 24 hours or so in distilled water. In a warm, not hot, environment (upper 70’s). Use an emory board and score the seed lightly by running it down the sandpaper. When a tail has formed, place it in ground coco, cover with a clear dome and mist the dome twice per day.

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Another thing that is very important is NOT over water them. The medium or cube (or whatever) that you put the cracked seed into should be just barely moist. When they have emerged from the soil, you can LIGHTLY water around the outside edge of the pot to encourage root growth.

Too much moisture at the seedling stage is an excellent way to kill a cannabis seedling.