Am I just being impatient?

I just started these girls this summer and I’m in week 6 of the flowering stage, but I am waiting to see buds getting bigger should I be using something to boost these lovlies

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Welcome to the community, try reposting the pictures wait for each to show uploaded.

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As a side note someone may have a different opinion, but I would defoliate the girl. Removing those larger fans should help her focus on bud production and not keeping them healthy.


I’ll try that I can’t get the other picks to upload right for some reason but I got good bud formation and deep green foliage just thinking I may need a booster of some sort for potassium and calcium all they have had was not and talc and water

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Npk and tlc damn phone

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It doesn’t need calcium. This is advanced stages of calcium deficiency. Welcome to the community.

I use the fox farms water soluble open sesame beastie bloomz and cha Ching

Side note I’m in week 5

Ty, I guess she’s doing ok then I still have about 4-5 weeks left


I second the defoil also …
It helps to direct energy elsewhere …

@bellaMae319 if you do decide to defoliate use something meant for the job.very sharp scissors and cut as close to the stem as you can to avoid leaving a nub that can cause bud rot
I’d start by taking any leaf that isn’t connected to a bud site I intend to keep …a user here @oldmarine taught me this method and another where you pick a large fan and then cut every one that size …then pick a smaller size and do the same …repeat until you’ve opened up the plant


These are the ones I have in week 5-6 flower.

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:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:lol you put my outdoor act to shame !!! Magnificent plants !!


Thanks, this has been an interesting grow. I put a couple lights in as an experiment and found they really like them. My Sativa dominant strain is around 5.5’ in height right now if she kept going I would have been screwed.

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Funny how even tho I’m outdoors I’m still in a state that growing is a no no …so I’m lucky mine didn’t pass 4 feet high or I’d have been screwed too …:man_shrugging:t2:Lol

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Bamboo, Giant Bamboo! Stuff is cheap and grows like crazy, they can get up to 15’ so they are a Great Wall that grows fast.

Yeah …that stuff grows like mad and awful quick …
There was actual lawsuits going on here about peoples bamboo growing into other peoples yards …but that is a really good idea

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Google bamboo ground barrier. :+1:t2:

Should mention this is what I am doing here!

Ahhh I heard about those …gonna google it .
I really would like to plant in the ground at some point …I’m on an elevated 2nd story deck in containers .

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I plan to use the outdoor for decoys, growing hemp! Plus then I get the CBD. I’ve been pretty content so far with the indoor grow. Plus I’m planning to keep these going perpetually.

I’m out of likes …
But that sounds awesome …so just going to take clones ? Also the color changing is that genetic? If you look at the pic I posted mine decided to start some type of color change …I had posted about it earlier I was concerned but think it’s just how the plant is

And out of curiosity is your Ph on the low side ? Due to being indoors or hydro ?

Lol sorry o don’t mean low like there’s a problem I just mean lower than 7 or 6
I read when your plant changes color to the red or pink side it’s less than 7 and higher would be to the blue side more than purple which is like 7 idk was wondering about it yours looks like the pinkish red hues coming out nice

Yeah I’ll be doing clones and rotating seedlings.

I grow in ProMix so I keep my PH at 5.6-5.9. The color you see is the high output red+UV lights that are in there.

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