Am I impatient? Or am I stuck in Flower?

What up growmie! Hope you and your family have been doing well. All has been really good down here. Been off the site a few days, but been livin life! Hope your grow is growin and showin! Ready to haul in those sweet nugs!
Check out my reply I tagged you in about Hershey!

As for defoliation, I’m only removing dead/decayed/diseased. I removed any stems/branches that were under sized and only had one bud spot. Overall, didn’t remove much. They are just bursting with bud sites. 5ft spread! Just an awesome sight to see everyday ya know?


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Hey gentlemen, just wanted to say hope all you guys and your families have been well.
Hope everyone’s gardens are growing. Getting ready for some fun few weeks coming up! Harvest season is getting close!
Just wanted to wish all y’all well, and hope everything is going for everyone!


Two leaves kinda fell together, so I played around with them, thought it looked like what Spider-Man’s logo would look like if the spider that bit Peter was full of THC instead of radiation.


That’s so cool. I saw someone else had a seedling that did that last year. It turned into a something like a 16 inch, 1 stalk cola. That was it.

I can’t wait to see what you’re able to pull off with Hershey.


Just lots of pics, all from today

Dogbite - Gorilla Glue? - Flower Week 4

Addy - No clue of the Strain - Flower Week 3

OddJob - Monstercrop - Flower Week 6

Garden pics


Ha…well that’s encouraging news. Awesome to hear. I can’t imagine how it would get much bigger. Get to see that “stretch” in action.


Dank, man you got some great growing going…lol

Where is that super crop clone? Did I miss it…i wouldn’t be surprised.

Wish you and yours the best… looks like the puppy hasn’t been eating the zen garden…maybe it learned karma?


What up Zee! Long time man. Yes sir I’m good! Glad y’all are too!
Yeah check out the pics labeled OddJob in the pics above. she’s the monster!
Man shes like 10x more pungent than her mother, it’s crazy, I won’t get much off her, but what I do get I believe is gonna be pretty fire!
As for Onyx, yeah he grabbed another mouthful and got super sick…he has since stopped hahah :dog::face_vomiting:


Always a pleasure mate!
Glad to here all is well with you n yours - awesome result on the health front. But sorry to hear about your friend.
Your girls are looking awesome mate - Croptober will be mayhem for both of us I think - HOPE! :rofl:

Thanks for the compliments on my SCROG - that means a lot. I was a bit hesitant not knowing limitations. I think there are 3 or 4 occasions where it looks like I have horizontal colas - which I wasn’t expecting. Has me wondering if they now grow vertically into 'mini colas or join up… that would be crazy!!!
I need to try and clean out the back corner today - and clip my clones… bring on the monsters! :wink: :crazy_face:


Bring on CROPTOBER I say!!! :crazy_face: :boom:


Come at me, bro!


What’s up Growmie! Glad to see you back again glad you have been loving and living life! How are you and your daughter’s tree’s doing? I see Hershey is still doing something…you know what’s crazy is she does not look anything like the 3 I have dropped and growing…totally crazy but could be those outside temps too the chocolate room’s just may not be very heat tolerant is what I have been thinking simply based off how the 3 I have have grown inside in cooler managed temps have grown so different.


chocolate rooms


Hahah that’s great man, yeah I have no clue how to help you in your SCROG. Way above my pay grade haha. But if I ever do it…I’ll be getting my tips from you!
But yeah def crazy how you can train them all one certain way, and then right at the end the plant is like “nah, I’m not gonna do that on, let’s say 4 colas” haha.

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What up my man, man those pics of your Choco’s are nuts. Even with deforms (which you no longer see in yours really), yours grew like crazy! They look awesome man!
And yeah totally agree with you that it’s probably the heat. I think it just stopped the growth hormone. But she for sure has the tiniest little crown on her little head.
So I will at least get a bowl of her to see what she taste like.
Ahh and our Lemon trees are doing great thanks.
Check these out


Hell yeah bring it on…this is gonna be fun.
I’ve got 4 times as much trim as last harvest.
And you’ve got your mass haul…we’re gonna get Dank! Haha

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Finally removed all training lines and tie downs. And you can actually see two plants now…They are free!


Mate, if I can ever assist in any way - I am in.
It will be interesting to see how they react… definitely knowledge that will help in future!
Getting some really nice ambers starting to happen. I’ll have to get a couple of pics. I still haven’t been able to get to the back corner or get the clones yet - so that is the top of my to-do list. :wink: :sunglasses: :v:


Just some more pics.
Buds are coming together nicely. Dogbite with his crazy life I think is going to be my best producer!

This is Red, he runs by from time to time.
Onyx is gonna eat him one day…or so he tries!





Hey all the Growmies. Wish I could be on more. Miss you guys. Hope everyone had a nice weekend!
Wish everyone the best in their grows and soon to come harvest!

Had to pull Addy forward, she’s in Mordor’s shadow for most of the day, and back colas are getting some WPM.
Dogbite buds are coming together!

50% of OddJob has been sacrificed for the greater good. Personal stash.

Dogbite - Week 5. -Gorilla Glue
image image image

Addy - Week 4 - Unknown Strain
image image image

OddJob - Monstercop week 7
image image image

Hershey - unknown age, iForgot - “The Chocolate Room”
image image