Am I healthy? Am I okay?

Any tips as to what I should be doing with her? She was the runt till boom bi$* she grew thick and tall.

I think I have overwatered my plants but to tell you the truth my soil was dry so I figured a good amount for the whole day would help them.

Looks pretty good.

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Ik u can’t really tell but the leaves kinda curl inward why would that be ??

What your humidity?

It fluctuates a lot. From 36% being the lowest and 60% being the highest it gets. Fan is always on so it’s hard for me to keep the humidity controled.

That’s not that bad how long ago did you over water?

Before I created this help post just now. Was unable to feed when lights were turned on so they where feed 2 hrs past daytime for them.

Ok wait a bit and see what it does.