Am I gonna need another light?

I am not sure this light will be enough for long. I am 30 days in the dirt with these girls.

I am gonna need another at some time I guess…

Probably buy another 600R-spec

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Considering one only flowers 5x5. Yeah. Definitely want to spread them out to maximize potential.

I just flipped two around the size of your two biggest. They already ran out of room in a 2x4.

So potentially you could use two more 600r. Since 10 at that size would need 10x20 or 15x15 (ish)

Flip size (when I switched to 12/12)

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Oh god Budz here you go making me nervous again. My photo was four times that size when I put her on 12/12 last weekend. :skull: I’m gonna be finishing that sucker outside I can feel it now

That would be a good idea. Indoor growth is about square footage more than number of plants. More plants in more square feet is gonna equal needing more light but also a much better yield than trying to keep them all confined to a 5x5 footprint (as mentioned above)

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Oh fudge are you screwed? Lol good luck

That’s why I started with only 2


She was like 6 weeks old in a 4x4 tent and was over 2 feet out of the tent. Only 1 plant.

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Holy! That healthy girl!


Why I normally have no more than 3 plants in a 4x4. Usually 1 photoperiod and 2 autos. Even then its pushing the boundaries. :joy::+1::joy:

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I can’t imagine

I started off with 2planted about 2weeks apart but one auto (planted first) then a photo and now I’m scrambling to figure out timing, light placement, where am I gonna dry plant 1 while plant 2 continues growing under lamp in tent

Bad planning by an overzealous noob
But fun times none the less

Maybe next run I’ll get brave and drop 4seeds
3x3 tent so I know I could do more than I’m doing now
Just gotta get my timing down and drop them together

lol I’m planning next grow when this one is nowhere near done

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