Am I going to run out of room here?

I’m getting a little nervous as if I’m going to run out of room here, only got about 8 more inches I will be able to raise lights, about 2 weeks in flower and it’s still growing almost 2" a day, is there any thing I can do now to help out, the light I have is a supposedly a 600 w led but the actual power is 130 w, have it at 18" as of now, wondering if I can drop lower because of it being a cheap light, will be upgrading if this works out for me, any advice greatly appreciated, Thanxs


You have a nice looking plant you can gently pull and tie the limbs down a little bit gain 3 or 4 inchs. Sometimes you can look at the rigging on your hangers and rework that and gain a few inches. I think you will be fine I would not be afraid to drop down to 16 inchs. Just watch the plant see how it responds after you drop it a couple inches. Good luck


Thanks, yeah I tied the 3 longest stems and gain 4 " thanks for the advice, I believe you also gave me advice when I was just starting out, 1 more question if you have time, this was supposed to be a critical purple autoflower, this is day 66 from sprouting had to switch to 12/12 to get it to start flowering, wondering if it could be seeds ( bad genetics) or maybe wasn’t a autoflower, Thanx again

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I have had some autos take a long time to flower it’s not uncommon. I would stick with the 12 /12 and keep taking care of it healthy plant.

This is a common issue with small tents… I wish more small tents came int 6.5-7ft tall options, I hear you just got a new tent and it’s just under 6ft ughhh…

Looking good right now, if I was you I would be tucking some leafs right now to ensure your buds get more light.
Your at the final phase of being able to do any LST (low stress training), such as tieing things down or tucking leaves etc. So do it now.
Keep a close eye on your run off ppm as you’ll be wanting to keep it topped up from now until fish before harvest (2 weeks from harvest date)

I would agree with looking at your rigging first, I have to do that even with these QB boards because the cables are so long. I wish they had clips right into Rachets.

Your light should be able to go closer, bring it down to 16" and give it 5 days (while adjusting because your plants still stretching)
And if you want you can probably do 14" just keep an eye on it daily!

I’ve never had an auto not flip on me yet but it happens so everyone sais. Could be stress or just poor genetics, Remeber autos are just starting to get good they are not fool proof yet.

For example there is a 1 week difference between these but for some reason my last crop took right off and these ones are struggling (may be my low humidity and cooler night Temps or just genetics or both not sure)
Very important not to have any light leak and have your veg and flower environment conditions.

Last indoor auto grow at 30 days

Current indoor auto grow at 22 days, pretty sad to be honest but I’m glad I also have 2 photos growing. My tent zipper broke and I moved everything to a new grow room with a 2nd tent so still figuring out how to dial everything in with my changing winter conditions for

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Thanks for the advice, I will stick with 12/12, yeah when i first switched i had several light leaks and it went probably a week before i noticed and fixed it. This my 1st grow and i cant wait to start again so i can fix all the mistakes i have made, soil mixture, doing lst at right time and several other things I have learned from you guys, Good luck wit yours and thanx again


Ok, thanks again

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I think lowering your light some is a good idea.

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