Am I going to lose this girl?

Soil-Hyponex potting soil; Soil in 3 gal pots; Hydroponic- N/A; Coco-N/A pH - 5.8-6.2 runoff. No Nutrients last watering. FF Tiger Bloom 1 tsp, Big Bloom 1 tsp /gal on prior feeding to that one.; EC-N/A; TDS-N/A; Indoor light system. 600 watt Led + 450 watt Led; Temps-76-80 deg F, RH 38-40. Ventilation- 442 CFM w/carbon filter; I 18 in fan +2 - 6 in clip on fans for a 48 x 48 x 80 Tent.; AC-N/A ; Humidifier cold/heated not being used. Guys, here is a pic of what has just come up on the bud flowers. I checked the runoff, and got a 5.8 pH. I have been dealing with I thought was a phosphorus issue, and my thoughts are that the pH is too low and locking out the phosphorus. Soooo, last night I flushed it many times, and I couldn’t get the runoff any higher than 6.2., and this is what she is showing today. A lot of the upper leaves are doing this.(Not right on the Bud, but not far below, (see pic). Not so much on the lower leaves yet, (small spots on some). Here is todays pics…Just wondering if I am going to lose this one. (Today will be 4 weeks into flower)


@Aquaponic_Dumme @ktreez420 @Donaldj these are some of the hydro guys that can help… They’ll be here shortly

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Phosphorus is a good suspect I would suggest getting some Dolomite Lime it will help raise your ph and buffer so feedings don’t drop ph so much sprinkle it on top of soil and stir it in it will work it’s way into soil as you water don’t cut feedings

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Thanks… I will let you know…

We need natural light pictures if you can please


Ok here is the latest… (natural light)…

So, I guess my question would be, should I continue to feed (I have not fed what is suggested by FF after having some reactions in veg.) I have been feeding 1/3 of what is suggested when I do feed. But once I can get some dolomite lime on the soil, at what strength should I feed the neuts, if I even continue to feed? The other plants have purple stems, but have not had the reaction like this one in the leaves… By the way, thanks for the help…

Ok, Watered today. Root pH on the affected plant, and one other, was 6.0. when I fed 6.5 water to it. On another, I got 5.8 and that plant does not have the leaf issue. I gave them all a sprinkle of dolomite lime 2 - 2 1/2 tsp per plant, and fed them about 10ml of Tiger Bloom in a 2.63L container … A few hours later, and I am seeing a slight amount of tip burn. So, I guess we will see in a few days… Is this too low for the uptake window of phorphous? And I am seeing that ca and mg are about the same window (for soil) if I am reading correctly. And today is week 4 day 1 …

How’s your PH dude? I thought nute burn or a deficiency was the problem for ages, turned out ph just swan too much

You want to capture some run off water. You want the run off yo be about 6.7.

You can either flush the plants with tons of 6.7 water untill it’s just 6.7 that’s coming out the bottom. But if they are small, you’ll be better putting slightly lower ph’d water in. If your run off is 7.2 say, water at 6.0, that’s should bring it down abit. Then evey few days a dust the water up, untill you get a 6.7 run off.

Also, but all your feeds etc into the water (on feed days) and then PH the water to where you want it.

Untill I got the PH right I wouldn’t feed again. I like to fix a single issue at a time, as if you try everything at once you don’t know which one worked, or even what the issue was.

Thanks for the reply. My runoff was acidic not alkaline. (5.8) The plant I had a problem with on the leaves, the runoff today was 6.0. The problem was that after flushing with gallons of water (on the last watering), the most I could get the pH to was 6.2. The dolomite lime that
DonaldjILGM Volunteer suggested appears to have helped, but I will know more tomorrow or the next day. But after a few hours after watering, it appears there is a positive response. (Thanks for the advice Donaldj!). Thanks for the input Duke. Here is some pics as of now…


Ok…This is my novice guess, but I am going to attempt to give my “guess” based on, the input from reading from this information filled site, the assistance all of you have offered, and what I am seeing in my plants to date. (This of course is up for grabs for the experts to chime in and offer their opinions…which has been very appreciated.)…It all started with the soil selection, (Hyponex planting soil). From what I see in the plants, that are now changing daily, and the pH I got off one of the newly flowering plants (5.8), that the issue I have been facing is one that has been present all along. I did note the slow growth rate, and the slow development of leaves in veg, but it wasn’t until this was more pronounced in flower, and in reading, that the symptoms from all my plants add up to different degrees of Phosphorous deficiency. And due to the lockout because of the pH issue of the soil, and the difficulty to correct it, the threshold for Ca, and Mg, are possibly involved in the lockout also. (that’s a beginner’s guess). Anyway, I am waiting to see what effect the dolomite lime will have on the pH by the next watering. So, here are pics of the most affected plant, and also another one I believe to be at a different degree of the same. Both have Buds that are increasing slowly, but still growing. So, there you have my beginner’s opinion of what has been a very educational adventure… Take a look, and if you happen to see something I am missing or in error of, please feel free to comment. Thanks for the opportunity to share on here…


Question: Would the introduction of amino acids be beneficial to recovery? And what product would you suggest?

Ok…I was able to use a Blue Lab soil ph pen and get readings on all my plants in bloom. It varied from 5.9 on one 7.2 and 7.4 respectively, on the other two. So, deciding pH drift was an issue, and I decided to carefully transplant 3 of them to 5 gal containers. I used Pro Mix Bx as the additional soil for transplanting.Then the pH was adjusted to 6.5 at the roots. I also introduced some calcium sprinkled on the surface of the soil, and lightly turned into the soil then watered with pH 6.5 water. My thinking (correct me if I am wrong), is to offer a greater soil environment to combat the drift, and allow root migration, and maintain a pH of 6.5. Here are today’s pics…

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They looking good,but with pro mix you want your ph to be 5.8. Soiless is supposed to be phed like hydro.
Would hate to see the nutes get locked out and ya girls suffer. @Smilin

Thanks for the info! Here is my current grow 2nd day of Flower…The last watering I gave after flushing them was at 6.0 pH. Things are better this grow, because I am in ProMix BX and have a Soil pH meter now. (Blue Labs soil pen). I addressed the concern I had about what I thought was phosphorus deficiency,on the last grow, and I believe it was not just phosphorus, but magnesium as well. (I believe pH was the issue). However, the buds were very good, and it addressed the medical needs for my wife. ( She was calling it “The Creeper!”) (It would seek up on her, and she would be pain free). That is what this is all about. So…thank you for your input, I read every word of all that replied and considered all that was stated. This next grow is not in mixed soil, and I am experiencing a definite difference in response. I am hopeful that the yield from this grow will improve greatly…So far, things are going well. Thanks again for your input…


(1 week in flower today) Throw an all girl party, and I caught two males sneaking in!! (And they were real cut-ups!) So, they got booted from the party, and 2 more were invited in to join the get together. And after two days, I see that there is another girl in our midst! (see pic). The scrog is getting filled in with some nice blooms. And, ( here included, is a couple of pics of two that harvested late from the previous grow.) Thank you all for all the good info along the way. 20170812_014006|690x388