Am I going overboard making my soil?

Hello! I ran into this fomula for making supersoil. Tells me to use a base soil and then add the following ingrediants:

  • 5–10kg organic worm castings
  • 1kg blood meal
  • 1kg bat guano
  • 1kg steamed bone meal
  • 750g rock phosphate
  • ⅛ cup Epsom salts
  • ¼ cup azomite
  • ½ cup dolomite
  • 1 tbsp. powdered humic acid
    For the base soil, I am considering mixing FoxFarm FX14047 Happy Frog Potting Soil with FoxFarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil.
    Is this too much, as the potting soils have some of the ingrediants I plan to add. Thanks for the help! Blessings!
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With all those additives I wouldn’t use Ocean Forest. Probably be very very hot :hot_face:
I thing Happy Frog is okay though….
@Graysin @nmgeo @MeEasy @Spiney_norman @Naturalmedsman @JaneQP @Tylersays all know more about this than I do


Honestly I wouldn’t do that - Fox Farms has had some quality control problems in the last 8-10 months, some batches are hideously acidic and others are totally normal.

I’ve heard better things about Coast of Maine, Promix, or just generic potting soil without nutes already in it.

@Aussie_autos is the guy who makes soil mixes, may have better suggestions than I do.


Hi @LarryProbert how much soil are u using with all this stuff u want to put in ur soil i do believe that it maybe abit to much i will give you my recipe for my soil mix now u can use coco coir or hp pro mix now this recipe calls for two bags of soil either coco coir or a good quality soil .Now put two bags of soil in a tote or on a tarp which suits you best now these are the ingredients i use you need sea bird guano or bat guano ,kelp meal and alfalfa meal and fish bone meal and volcanic rock dust fertilizer worm castings and organic compost and super worm frass .Now this is the amounts i put in my soil mix i put 7 scopes of kelp meal and the same with alfalfa meal and four scopes of volcanic rock dust fertilizer and 7 scopes of superworm frass and half bag of worm castings i put five scopes of fish bone meal and i put half bag organic compost i mix all this together and then i add two five gallon pots of perlite to it and mix it well i dampen the soil mix and let cook for a month before i use it u can still add in ur epsom salt if u wish and ur humic acid ive had great results with this mix it gives u two to three months worth of food for ur plants before u have to top dress again and once i have my soil in my pots i add 80 worms in each pot and i use a cover crop of white clover


Could you explain why this is an or? I looked the guanos I have here and the bat is 7-3-1 and the sea bird is 0-11-0. Are these usually closer in NPK and what I have are oddballs or what am I missing?

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It doesnt matter which guano you use bat guano is great or sea bird guano i used bat guano before i just decided to go with sea bird guano cause it was cheaper for me

Hi @LarryProbert,

Mine approach is pretty simplistic. A decent base soil without added nutrients (I use a local organic soil). Add 20-30% perlite. I then add a product called Earthdust. Keep the soil moist and let it “cook” 2-4 weeks before planting to let the microbes do their magic. Google the green sunshine company for more information.

After planting you top dress two more times.

The soil can be re-amended and reused.

Also you can use the search function and find other recipes. I am all about keeping it simple.

Best to you!


Thank You!

Not a problem i do have recipes for nutrient tea and banana teas aswell if you want them

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I take a a much lazier approach. Coast of maine stonington blend as the base soil, which is pretty good on its own for 1-2 months, and then I top dress with amendments during the grow as needed - stonington fertilizer, kelp extract, worm castings, bone meal, langbeinite, etc.


SubCools super soil recipe is on point and the orginal!!

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Roots Organic 707 is a low PPM soil.

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Do you live near a farm or a ranch ?

No, I am afraid not.

If you had access to some composted manure you would be growing like mad

Yeah, SUBCOOL is a master grower enabler :clap: :pray: RIP. I was on super soil(Sorry, a Veteran having a hard time using SS,sorry) and then evolved to the world of no-till.
@JaneQP @LarryProbert @Graysin
Re-use and recycle soil is huge. I would also recommend research into a companion plant if possible, and incorporate a clover plant to your soil. Red,white,etc.
The soil is your baby. Constantly feed it and stimulate the action /food web year round. Find a good mulch also. @Aussie_autos mentioned Humic Acid. Indeed. :+1:
Composted Chicken manure works for me.
Anytime you make your own soil-its yours. Take pride and ownership like you made it yourself in woodshop class in 8th grade. Ok, maybe too much smoking,but I believe you are on the right path! :+1:

SL out.


Yes we use chicken poop and feathers ,cow composted and rabbit not composted. Mixed with other organic stuff and livestock feed is organic. We never use chemicals . The garden thrives

This was a couple weeks ago .


We’ve been composting for 30 years - although still illegal in this city?:crazy_face:

I know a guy that has his own landscaping business so I get grass clippings to use as mulch. In the Spring we just cover it (mostly decomposed by then) with a layer of our compost. Repeat the process every year.

I was thinking about companion plants and looking at removing the lawn grass and doing an entire clover lawn.

Not sure how that would go over since we are surrounded by HOAs. Luckily our little neighborhood of 103 homes are not under their dictatorship.


As he said in Napoleon Dynamite “Lucky!”
SL out.

While I’ve been using bag soil for my cannabis, this year I recycled soil from my garden/containers for my veggies and they are doing better then ever. Last fall I just chopped up the roots and covered the soil with a layer of wood chips. In the spring I added some lobster compost, organic all purpose fertilizer, worm castings, bone meal and langbeinite. Tempted to try this with my cannabis next season.