Am I getting the right Yields

Looking for some advice about yields. I’ve successfully grown 5-7 plants. However, my yields are between 10 to 12 grams per plant. In reading other posts most people get far more then that. I know there are several factors involved. I have tried different strains but seem to get the same results.

Soil is ProMix Organic.
Nutrients: Flora Nova Grow & Bloom
Lights 4 or 5 x 100 watt CFL’s with a 9 watt LED (CFL’s are 5000 to 6500 K daytime) (use 2700k for photo flowering)

I’ve tried the following Auto Flowers:
Bloody Skunk
Sweet Nurse CBD
Easy Bud
UK Cheese

Tried one Photo
Green Crack from seed then cloned a couple.

I’m growing them in 5 gallon spacebuckets and add extensions as they grow. They grow, in my opinion fairly well. I harvest when the trichromes are milky in colour.

I just find from all the work that I’m doing that I’m not getting very much in return. I do enjoy growing so it’s not that big of a deal and it’s only for personal use.

I’d like to get close to an ounce per plant if I could.

Any advice from all you great people out there?



Are the cfl’s 100 watt actual or equivalent? Doesn’t seem like you have enough light. Plus, you want warm whites for flowering regardless of whether it’s a photo or auto.

I ask because I’m not even sure if a true 100 watt cfl would fit in that setup. Not horizontally anyway, which is how to get the best results from cfls.


Auto flowers will vary. Esp from different seed banks.

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Here’s my set up. @dbrn32

CFL’s are 23w actual Daylight 5000 to 6500K. Warms are 23 watt actual 2700K

Middle LED is 7w actual


@HJL the setup in that pic, how many of those do you use? I would guess to do three plants in say a three by three foot grow space you would need 5 of those setups to get enough light.


@bob31 I’m pretty sure he plants one plant per bucket. But I could be wrong.

So you’re flowering under about 100 Watts of cfl and a 7watt per plant, got it. Are you using the 2700k after they show pistils? 4000k and up are generally weaker in red wavelengths that promote bud development. If those are the daylight and cold white bulbs, that would explain lower yields.

I will say though, you can’t expect too much under small cfls. People who seem to really have their grow together claim up half gram per watt. But even that seems like a pretty big task.

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@dbrn32 I thought that was some sort of light fixture, I didn’t realize he was growing in that.


No big deal. It’s a little different from what most of us do, but I’ve seen it before.

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@dbrn32 @bob31

Using 2700k after they show pistils. Yes for my Photo period plants. I use 5000K and up all the time for my auto’s. I do not change bulbs. I put one plant per bucket. I am also starting to use LED strips on the side of my buckets for additional lighting. I’ll see how that goes moving forward. I was hoping to get at least an ounce and a half per plant. Also experimenting with 32 gallon buckets and a 150 watt UFO round LED Light and side lighting. Lights are on 16/8 for photo and auto’s then 12/12 for photo bloom.


It’s all going to come down to photons on leaves. You are doing well for the setup but it’s going to limit your yields.

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Nice! So you can get a couple more grams more than likely by going to 2700k on all for flower. A bigger bucket with more light will get you more as well.

I still think some training will help your yields too.

What kind of strip lights? Some are a lot better than others! I wasn’t sure what kind of money had to throw at it, but I had a few thoughts run through my head while looking at your pics. The first, was to try and implement some bridgelux or Samsung pcb strips. Which sounds like you may already be doing. Another, was the potential of a small led flood light. Yet another, trying some a19 led bulbs mounted vertically to the lid with diffuser removed.

I think if you incorporate one or a couple of those, do some training, and switch to photo plants an ounce plus per bucket is a reasonable expectation.


@HJL Can you take some more pics of what you are doing there? If you can increase your yields some that would make a great covert grower! @dbrn32 @Myfriendis410



check out

I agree! There’s nothing special about an ounce here and there when we see grows like @WillyJ’s and many others. But I think these “micro” type grows are really neat! Most of them are done with household stuff and very little invested. The thought that goes into them is very impressive, and can be very stealthy as you pointed out.

I tinkered with the idea of doing one myself after helping a guy with lights for a pc case grow. If I find a good box to use, it could happen lol.


So I take it smell isn’t a issue?


I have carbon filters placed over my outtake fans.

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@HJL that is what around me we would call serious red neck engineering dont be offended cause its a compliment . That your getting 10-12 grams per grow to me is impressive but i understand your want to be at a solid oz. for the time cost investment. Just curious are you running just one rig or multiple?

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You should try some of are Genetics I think you’ll do a lot better with that UFO added

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Very cool @HJL I found this on VAHPOR’S LED BUCKET a few pages it. Look at the light! @dbrn32 @Myfriendis410



Looks like they just stack up more buckets to get more room… Very cool indeed!

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