Am i getting in a hrry

ok my girls been in flower stage 8-10 weeks now ,looking threw the loop they are cloudy and a few amber ,and some still clear noticed still getting a few white hairs popping up , the tycombs seem like they don’t want to go into the amber stage, am i doing something wrong? or do i just need to be wait longer? the one is still sucking up a lot of nutrients , at around 6-800 ppm

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A few pictures would help is judge your progress
Some strains just dont like to go amber but once they start they can change over quickly
Daily checks are good idea
As far as the clear are they towards the bottom of the olant or on the top colas sounds like your close but need to be a little more patient

Post a few pictures and tag me when you do

ok will be patient in the past i have a tendency to pick to early ,being clear they are at the bottom ,would love to send pic but noway to do it than u

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Ok @brandner sounds good yeah just be patient and make daily checks if needed you could take the top first and leave bottom buds to finish off

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country boy thank u for the info ,still waiting to turn abber this stain is critical widow seems like it taking a long time to turn 8-10 weeks or better now , one question to as u said to cut the top buds when ready and let bottom finish do i flush 1st and then cut and go back to feeding ?i think this is correct just want to make sure , besides this everything is looking good the buds are getting so heavy they are bending over lol this is a good thing , just taking a long time to turn starting to think they are not going to turn is this possible ?can not take pic or would send