Am I Getting Attacked By Russet Mites Again?

I got infected with russet mites about 5 months ago because I foolishly took in a clone without bothering to quarantine, scope, or treat it. I ended up trashing all my plants and decided to take a break from growing. :pensive:

About two weeks ago I popped 8 seeds, “Soul Mate” by Bodhi. All 8 seeds germinated but 3 of the 8 seedlings have really weird leaf growth with one of them appearing to be drooping badly. 3 out of eight seedlings appear to be normal, and the other 2 seedlings appear to be severely stunted (still on the first leaf set).

I used my USB microscope to check the leaves for mite presence but I don’t seem to see any mites under the scope.

I did, however, see white dots that might resemble either eggs or trichomes, I’m not entirely sure:

These seedlings are only two weeks old though, do they really develop trichomes that can be seen in the scope so young? At the same time I’m skeptic that there’s so many eggs but not a single mite to be seen anywhere… unless it’s possible I’m getting attacked by baby russets that are too small to see on the scope right now?? (I was able to see adult russet mites with my scope 5 months ago)

Here’s photos of the seedlings:

And then here’s a photo with the 3 normal-looking seedlings along with the 2 severely stunted seedlings:

Is it possible I am dealing with the beginning of a russet mite infestation again?? Only thing I can think of besides pests is the pH of the nutrient water was a little high last night. It was at 6.4 last night and i ph down’d to 5.8. All other parameters seem to be okay to me (75degrees farenheit, 60% rH, medium is all perlite so definitely not overwatered)

Would appreciate any and all feedback! Thanks in advance

They look like eggs, too early for trichomes.
Watch out for white mold as well.
My white widows seem to have them .

The other 3 look fine. keep them away from infected ones.
Good luck. Have a Blessed Day.

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Have u been treating or spraying the plant for the mildew.?? If not it will spread fast. Believe me I know as it took over 8 plants fast on me lol.

I sprayed the buds with h202 and water.

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I would spray every plant under and over leaves stems stalks whatever even the room as there r spores floating around there on fans ect. Wipe it all or few days after this spray it will b right back again from them spores. It’s a biotch to get ahold of but u r still real early. Thorough cleaning is definitely required here. Sorry bud. Wpm is crazy and soreads fast asf

Hi, Will it spread to another tent in same room?

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If the tent doors r open with fans blowing it is quite possible yes. Spores fly and glide thru the air so any slight breeze send them another way ect. It really sux for sure. Especially if u defol leaves before u spray them spraying will cut down on stories flying in the air it’s seeming a bit later for the spray before move part already so I’d start off cleaning everything super good and move on from that point.