Am I Feeding Her Enough


My 4th grow is well underway. I have 4 girls in various stages of flower. I’m just wondering if I am feeding them enough. I look for brown tips on leaves and have not seen any. At the same time I do not want to burn them with nutrients.

Here is an example of one of my girls schedule.
Soil is Promix HP with added perlite and verm.
I am using GH Flroa Nova Grow, Bloom, Rapid Start, Kool Bloom, and Floralicious Plus and following their schedule with some tweaks depending how my girl looks. I also add epsomsalts and or CalMag if needed.

I feed feed water.

I usually veg for 4 to 6 weeks.
Hope the chart below makes sense.

Date Description PPM In pH in PPM Out pH Out Weeks Veg Weeks Flower
15-Dec into small pot + nut rem. 1 27-Dec 1 28-Jan
21-Dec soil moist 2 29-Dec 2 4-Feb
28-Dec 500ml + rapid start + nute rem. 367 6.6 629 6.1 3 31-Dec 3 11-Feb
1-Jan into 5G 2L + wk2 nutes 372 6.8 736 6.6 4 2-Jan 4 18-Feb
5-Jan 2L + wk2 nutes + epsom 537 6.5 719 6.5 5 4-Jan 5 25-Feb
9-Jan 2L 539 6.6 6 6-Jan 6 4-Mar
14-Jan 2L + wk3 nutes 621 6.6 708 6.4 7 8-Jan 7 11-Mar
18-Jan 2L + wk4 nutes + epsom 683 6.5 694 6.6 8 10-Jan 8 18-Mar
21-Jan 2L water into tent 12/12 lights 276 7.3 9 25-Mar
29-Jan 2L + wk4 nutes 10 1-Apr
2-Feb 2L water 11 8-Apr
5-Feb 2L + wk4 nutes 694 6.5 752 6.7 12 15-Apr
9-Feb 4L + wk4 nutes + CaMg 626 6.3 868 6.4 13 22-Apr
14 29-Apr
15 6-May

All comments and suggestions are appreciated. Thanks everyone


I don’t use the nutrients but if your feeding to schedule and plants are healthy then you’re ok
Just the info you’re posting the plants are not using all the nutrients since ppm out is higher so I would just continue your schedule
Can you post a few pictures @HJL


Your ppm seems low for drain to waste schedule in media.

I’m in late flower and my ppm is 1,100. GH makes some great stuff.

Be careful using the liquid KoolBloom. One application at transition and again towards the end. Too much will make them stall out.


@Myfriendis410 @Countryboyjvd1971

In a drain to waste do you guys do run off checks every time you water or only when things try and go awry?


I don’t usually bother because the plants look artificial, they are so pretty. John uses the promix. I’m using coco. Ph is lower and periodic flushing retained salts.


@Myfriendis410 @Countryboyjvd1971

Thanks for the kool bloom advice @Myfriendis410 is that 1100 going in or run off?

@TDubWilly I check my run off occasionally when I’m not lazy. But if I notice something in my girl I’ll check it more often. I’m still learning this stuff.


Ok I was just curious. It’s been awhile since I did a drain to waste system and I only did it when something was off but I think I was being lazy too lol :wink:



According to the feed chart the highest ppm is for week 9 which the chart states is Mid Bloom range 700-900 ppm which I assume is reading going in not runoff. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Late Bloom is 550-700 ppm and Ripen is 300-550 which the chart states is week 11. I know it’s just a guideline but I’m trying to get the most nutes to my girl without burning her. I guess it’s more trial and error.


It is, and every plant and every grow is different. Good notes and data will help. You definitely want to taper off the nutes before harvest and deficiencies will show up because we want to let the plant consume itself.

Your best bet is to follow the GH schedule with your media while watching for signs of excess or deficiency. Both can look the same FYI.



I do take good notes using Excel spreadsheets and I find that helps. As you can see from my chart there are times I repeat the same week schedule depending on how my girl looks and feels. The chart has 3 week schedule for veg but I usually veg at least 4 weeks usually 6.

I just find there is such a swing from plant to plant. My other girl that is in pre flower I get readings like the following and I don’t do anything different. I follow the schedule.

PPM In pH in PPM Out pH Out
358 6.8 933 6.4
566 6.3 1130 6.1
916 6.9
598 6.8 1212 6.5
629 6.4 1520 6.5
1540 6.9
589 6.5 1206 6.7
580 6.8


When did you flush last and do you water and feed to runoff? About 10% is good. Ppm out is 3 times higher might be time.


I feed feed water unless I get a ppm over 1000 in the runoff and the next time is a feed I will water again. So feed (if ppm runoff is under 1000 feed again in 3 to 4 days). If runoff is over 1000 just water. Hope that makes sense. I always feed or water to runoff.


what do you feed your girls if you don’t mind me asking?


Not at all @daddydays

Soil is Promix HP with added perlite and verm.
I am using GH Flora Nova Grow, Bloom, Rapid Start, Kool Bloom, and Floralicious Plus.


I only grew 1 plant last year, 1st one ever so I am very new.


I used everything but the Rapid Start and had a nearly flawless grow in coco.


Thinking about trying a coco grow in future. Is it much different @Myfriendis410


Every grow gets better @daddydays. I tweak this and that with every grow and every plant. I’m on my 4th grow and still learning. I have 5 girls right now in various states of flower. Starting to clone for 5th grow. Working on incresing yield is my goal right now.


its fun learning all about this stuff, it’s very relaxing



Yes. It is lots of fun and relaxing. Addictive too. Im always buying something for them. I enjoy spending time with my girls more then some people lol. I suffer from anxiety and depression so I enjoy sitting with my girls and listening to music. I sometimes feel bad having to harvest them.